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A/W shop collection are my all time favorite! I just love buying A/W clothes. Khaki will be my all time favorite colour for outerwear. I'm really loving this sleeveless army jacket, I can already think of how good will look with jumpers. This jumper is my dream, since I saw it in store. I can't wait until I will be a happy owner of it. Why does it have to be so expensive? Okay, I'm not the 'skinny girl', but I would love to own a pair of 'disco pants'. I normally always wear skinny jeans, with longer tunics etc. I think this type of 'leggins' would be amazing to wear. I'm not planning to spend £70 on the real disco pants. The River Island one seems to be great dupe.
GIVEAWAY: ysl rouge volupté lipstick

Finally time to treat you, my lovely readers! I been planning to do a giveaway forever, as I been so unsure what should the treat be. I wanted to giveaway something that I really love, beauty wise. Currently I had hit over 500 GFC! I wanted to thank you all for reading my blog. If you don't know, I love YSL lipsticks, they are my high end "treat"! I own two so far, you can read my reviews on them here and here.

You will be able to pick the colour you want, if you could I will be more than happy, if you picked from this website. When you will win, I will email you, to ask for the colour you chosen, as well as for the address you want me to post it to. You will need to enter via Rafflecopter. Hope you like the idea of my giveaway. Thank you a lot, for supporting me, with my hobby.
fashionista custom palette

FASHIONISTA CUSTOM  PALETTE (£5 palette and £4 for eyeshadow/bronzer/blusher)*

I'm sure most of you had already heard about the Fashionista custom palettes. This is my second one so far and I do really like the palettes. The palette comes with a nice large mirror, which can be very handy while traveling. The "products" also comes in smaller single packaging, so you can decide if you want to keep it alone or put it inside the palette. Fashionista products are the same size meaning, that you can mix between eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers.  I do really like the way eyeshadow, bronzer and blusher had been marble. It's makes it look so nice. BTW I'm aware that I over used everything on the face photo, but somehow my camera refused to photograph everything, when I done it light handed.

Eyeshadow in Custom Fitted (1):  This is very chunky glitter green eyeshadow, it's contains gold and silver glitter. Once you apply it on the lid, somehow most of the chunky glitter falls of. While doing my research I found out, that this eyeshadow looks the best applied wet and I must agree, it does.
Custom Design Blush in New York (2): This is such a pretty blush! In my opinion there is no way you could overuse it.  Looks so lovely against my pale skin, I always had been scared of pink blushers, as I have naturally very pink cheeks. This blusher made me love pinky blushers. I do really like the colour. It's an soft sheer pink.
Custom Design Bronzer in Paris (4): This seems really dark on the swatch and I must say it is, but when I apply it lightly it's works really well. To be honest I ditched Nars Laguna, and started to use this, as I really like it. It doesn't contain much orange, so it's really nice. I also use it to contour.

Custom Design Bronzer in Dubai (3): This is another bronzer, it's an highlighting bronzer in my opinion. It's really orange for my skin tone, but I really like using it as an eyeshadow. Mostly in my outer corners. It is shimmery, but doesn't contain large chunks of glitter. It's also has very soft texture.
blogs i like 5
This week I decided that I will only focus on 3 blogs, as I'm planning to do this type of post every week. There are so many lovely bloggers to share, but I don't like it when post are extremely long, hope you don't mind. I'm planning to stick with this layout as it's so much easier to control, than the last one.

Josie is such a lovely girl! The post on her blog have great quality, the photos are so pretty. In my opinion she deserve more readers. Josie writes about beauty, but from time to time you can spot more personal posts.
Sylwia's blog is full of her own photos, they are mostly OOTD and photoshoots photos. The photos you can find on Sylwia's blog are great for inspirations. She is very pretty and have great style. Wish she could add some personal notes to the posts, but overall I do really like it.
I been following Lydia's blog for a while now and I love her style! Lydia has the 'biggest' hair, if that makes any sense, she has so much volume. She is also very pretty.

my everyday make-up routine


My current everyday make-up routine. I normally stick to my routine, but from time to time I swap something, everything depends on my mood really. I will write about everything in order I use it. I forgot to include concealer in the photo! Currently I'm using Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, as soon it will be out of date, so I want to use it up. I have around 2 more weeks of using left. Wish I could actually see how much I used up. I love this foundation for summer months. Then I apply concealer, everything depends from my under eyes, if they are just slightly blue I would use YSL Touche Eclat concealer. If I need more coverage I will use Collection 2000 concealer. Then I would powder everything with my current powder, I'm currently using the Sephora Mineral Powder, it's nice, but nothing special.

After I have my base done, I would do my brows. I got back to using the Urban Decay Eyebrow Palette, as I want to use it up.  It's a nice match for my brows. When my brows are done, I would apply eyeshadow, I normally reach for the MUA Undressed palette, I have many eye shadow palettes and I keep on reaching for this one.  The first 4 shades are my mostly used. Before applying mascara, I would apply blush, currently I'm loving Estee Lauder Blusher in True Sand, it's looks so lovely on the cheeks. At the end of my make-up I will apply mascara, not sure why I love doing this step right at the end of everything. MaxFactor False Lash Effect is my all time favorite mascara. Makes my lashes look so good. I love having great lashes, so I pay extra attention to them. As long as they look good I'm happy. 
sunday update 33

001. I had a big issue with my laptop this week, my laptop mouse decided to stop working. I had the Sony laptop for around 1,5 years, will be 2 years at Christmas. I was expecting for it to break at some point, but not now when I need it the most! I had it all re-done again, so I missing some programs that I used to have. Will take me a while to fix everything. So I may have few delays on my blog, hope you don't mine. I'm currently saving up for a new laptop. I borrowed my brothers mouse, to be able to do some stuff on my laptop.

002. Glad that we are having the long weekend, I really do need a longer break off from work. So sad that it's almost time to go back to college. Another summer is almost over.  I also really don't like the fact that it's getting darker outside much more faster. 

003. Sunday Shopping time, this Sunday I went shopping with my mum and brother. To be honest I love shopping alone much more, than going with someone. I bought new pair of short white converses. New 'running' shorts, no I don't run, but I  want to wear them for insanity. I had completed one month of insanity, I'm so proud of myself. I done a cheeky order of something, I'm just waiting for the approve, hope it won't get declined. I have 'another' negative review upcoming, so fed up that I had paid so much money for something, that wasn't even worth it!

collection 2000 lock n' hold lipgloss in body pop

I never had really liked lip-glosses much, but recently during summer I just love them on my lips. I like non sticky formula one more. Having very smooth lips is a big plus. When it's comes to lipglosses I don't normally go for high end one, as I know that I won't wear them that often. I personally really like Collection 2000 and I once saw a review on this on Lily's blog. They looked so good, so I decided to give them a go. 

I love pinky colours on my lips, as I feel like some nudes wash me out a bit. Bare in mind I have naturally really pigmented lips, so most lip-glosses won't even show up. The Collection 2000 Lock n' Hold lipgloss in Body Pop gives me a really nice tint of blue tone pink. . If you just like glossy lips, with slight hint of colour, then I would recommend applying this very lightly. For the price I must say it's really well pigmented. It also smells really lovely.  The packaging is a bit tacky, but the products itself  is really good.
things i want 25

Writing this post is a task, as my laptop mouse had broken! The left click won't work, as well as tapping. Only right switch is working, so I had switched the settings in my laptop and I have the click in the right switch if that makes any sense. Hopefully it will be fixed asap! Okay, going back to this week wants. This dress is so pretty, I'm slightly more than obsessed with dresses. My skin is causing too many problems, recently. I'm planning to finally splurge on some Origins skincare products. The L.I.L.Y perfume is another thing I wanted for a while, I love the scent. 
rosegold detail

When I first saw this watch on Lily's blog, I wanted it so badly, but it had been sold out in most River Island. I wasn't able to buy it, I went "shopping" yesterday, mostly to return some online shopping things. H&M is so bad when you want to return thing in-store! Why do they have to give you refund card, I paid with my own MONEY! So I want it back on my debit card.

Rose Gold is pretty popular shade around bloggers and I always liked it. So happy that there are now so many thing you can get in this colour. Going back to watch, I have very similar Michael Kors watch, but it's has diamonds around, I wanted something more plain and classic. The RI watch is something perfect in my opinion. The logo isn't too big, that how I like things. I don't really like stuff with large logos.  I can now switch between watches. 

liz earle instant boost skin tonic spritzer

Toner in spray form, such a easy thing to use. I always liked spraying toners more, than pouring some on cotton pad. The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is one of my favourite toner, I love using it in the morning and at night time, before applying face cream. On hot days I keep this inside the fridge and then spray it on my face from time to time, to cool down. Works so well. 

It won't work as a make-up remover, but it's nice to use after you fully had removed your make-up. I really like the smell, is floral, but not strong. I had mine for around 3-4 month and I'm almost half way using it, so it's worth the money. As 200ml will last for pretty long time. I though that this may break me out, as the Hot Cloth Cleanser does, but this works with my skin well. I'm really impress. You can also spray this all over your face and then use a cotton pad, to remove the excess, I normally just leave it to sink without wiping it of.  If you had a chance to try it out, what do you think of it?
fashionista the double collection mascara

(on the left eye I'm wearing step 1&2 and on the right eye I'm only wearing step 2)

Lashes are something that I will always put lot's of effort in. Naturally my lashes are brown, so you can't see them until I coat them with mascara, so I always liked trying out new mascaras. I normally use two at one go. I always buy another one as soon as I run out, still looking for perfect one. I like when mascaras add me length, then a bit of volume. Fashionista recently had launched a new double ended mascara. When I was younger I remember when Double Ended mascara hit the shops, all the girls in the secondary school used to be obsessed with them and I never liked them.

The Double Collection mascara is design with two steps to condition whilst building thicker and longer lashes, the 2-in-1 mascara treats delicate lashes with a fortifying serum. It's supposed to not leave you with dry, flaky "spider lashes". Sounds so good to be true. At first I found that the first step is never drying. I tried to wait for as long as possible, but it just wouldn't dry, so I applied the step two and ended up with grey lashes! Not an effect which I would like. The Step 1 was a bit difficult to cover up, I tried my best but just couldn't make it work. I didn't really see a big difference when I didn't use the Step 1.

Overall the mascara didn't work for me. I did like Step 2 brush, as it was very big and brushed my eyelashes really well, but I wasn't overblown by the effect. The mascara did add some length to my lashes. Bare in mind that in the photo I'm wearing just one coat of mascara. Also one tip that I learned over years, not all mascaras will work as good as they may be working on your friends lashes. As all of us have different type of lashes.
sunday portrait 32

 001. We had such a great weather in London for the past week, yesterday was extremely hot for my liking. On Thursday was result day and I got B for photography. So excited! I was expecting and A, but my exam unit was weak. Overall I think I done well. I'm going to do Foundation Diploma this year and then I'm off to Uni, I think. 

002. I do need to create myslef an to do list, as I'm so back with everything. Not sure what going on with me, I really do want to get back into an routine. Any tips of how to get back into a routine?

003. Nothing new happened this week, it went kind of slow. I really do need to finally get myslef new bed! I'm currently sleeping in two mattresses on the floor, I can't complain, but I just miss sleeping higher if that makes any sense. There are so many things I need want to buy. I need to save up for new car, as I feel like the one I share with my mum will break soon. I need to book a ticket to Poland in November, I seen the prices and I'm shocked! They are so cheap! £40 for two way ticket, normally it would had costed me around £150.
style saint

Let's get it straight first, this isn't sponsored post, no one asked me to write it. I had discovered new great source of inspiration! Style Saint is  something similar to Pinterest, but fashion based. You "tear images" and create your own magazines. I always had been tearing magazines, to create mood boards and inspiration books, when I was younger and I still do it. If you want I can share them with you soon. 

Style Saint is full of great inspiration images, let me share with you my secret, if I really love an image I will save it in my "Inspiration" folder on my computer. When I'm having a bad day I will look through it, to be back on track. Also if you don't know it, I been doing some London Street Style photography in my free time. It's not that good yet, as I'm still learning. Maybe one day I will share some of it with you all. Going back to the website, you can view here how to get started. You will need to use facebook to log in. Just like you do to log in to FantasyShopper. Let me know if you had created an account, so I will be able to subscribe to it. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.
things i want 24

Both dresses have very simple shape, but the lace detail makes them look so pretty! I'm in love with the colour range, wouldn't mind own the Mint, Black and Pink one. They will be definetly nice to wear to my friend 18th Birthday party. Ear cuff always been my obsession, I love the way they look. As soon as I will get pay day I'm planning to pick up some make-up goodies, the Clarins blush palette looks very nice, I'm loving the packaging. 
the body shop satsuma body scrub

One of my favourite summer "scrub", it's so gentle on the skin. I love the scent, it's stays on the skin for around 4-5 hours. The Body Polish is very gentle, as the bits are small. It's safe to use it on daily basic, but it's not the best scrub to give your skin very good exfoliate. I would say it's more of an shower gel with small particles, but I mostly love it for the smell. It does leave my skin clean, I would recommend it to people with very gentle skin, as it won't be too harsh. I actually love all Body Shop Satsuma range, even my mum really likes it. I do think that this product is over priced, but from time to time they have it on offer, currently you can have it half price, if you have the body shop card.