Sunday, 29 July 2012

sunday update 29

 sorry for  the dark portrait, but I'm in love with the background Me(l)&Natalia(r)

001. I'm in Poland since Wednesday, I will be back to UK next Sunday. To be honest I can wait. I miss my normal bedroom and lazy days. I also want to be back at work, although I do moan about it, I do miss it. My Grandparents are very annoying and the idea that I'm not allowed to drive, as I don't have a car, kills me. Here you get bus every 1-2 hours. Mostly in the area I live in. On a good note, my dad let me test drive, and I did pretty well, so I think I will be allowed to use the car. Happy me.

002. I bought the Dior Addicted perfume at airport, I love it! I saved £15 on the 100ml bottle. We left the house two and half hours before our flight, but the que to give in the bag, was around 1hour long. So we had small delay and end up running for the plane. Then we got the rented car, and some bloody driver was drunk while driving, and we over took him on straight line, then he moved his car to the left, and hit our right mirror. It had closed, so my dad thought that nothing had happened. When we got home we had noticed that the right side where the front wheel is, got smashed a bit. My dad will get it fix tomorrow, so we won't loose the deposit and it's a lot cheaper to get it fix.

003. On Friday me and Natalia went out shopping together, then we found out that there will be midnight sales, so we went for it too. It was fun, but I didn't buy anything. Most stuff as always had been overpriced. We also met with some friends earlier for a beer. Was so much fun to catch up on everything. 

004. It's so hot in POLAND! I'm sticky and sweaty. I normally take 3 showers during the day to make myslef normal and I'm still as pale as I been. Will aim to tan tomorrow in the sun, as the sun today wasn't great for tanning.


  1. That's a gorgeous photo! I love silhouette-esque pictures :)

  2. Great photo! Poland looks like it is very pretty at this time of year :)

  3. I think the photo is dark but really beautiful! :)

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