Sunday, 15 July 2012

sunday portrait 27

001. This week was, hmm so unsure. Can't remember what I actually done. Let's talk about the weather, why do we need so much rain? Can we please have some sun, thank you.  Weird to say so, but I'm actually missing the sun, I'm more of an Winter/Spring person. Can't wait for my holiday, there will be such a high temperatures until the end of July. I'm going to Poland. Don't I say this in every Sunday post, all I can think of is my holiday. 

002. Natalia is coming over on Wednesday, she will love the weather I'm sure. She will be staying with me for a week and then we are both going to Poland. Did I tell you that she is my best friend and my next door neighbour in Poland? She is the same age as me. 

003. I'm slightly annoyed as my pay had been delayed, so I couldn't pick up bit's and pieces for my holiday. There will be so many things that will need to be payed before my holiday *cries*, like my car insurance, why you so expensive? Car rent, cleaner and the list is never ending. Yes, I do need a cleaner, I'm not planning to spend my holiday on cleaning our "holiday" house, which haven't been used for a year. I did clean it last year and it took 3 days of intensive cleaning, as my Mum wasn't there to help. 

004. I have scheduled posts for the whole week, as I want to spend lot's of time with my best friend. Hope you won't mind. I just don't want to sit on the computer, while she is here.


  1. How annoying that your pay is delayed! Hope you get it soon!

  2. your hair is beautiful! that's annoying about your pay, what a pain! hopefully you get it soon. either way i hope you have a lovely time with your friend xx


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