Sunday, 8 July 2012

sunday portrait 26

001. I been sitting at home for the whole week, I did leave to go to work, but that was it. I been talking with my best friend through Skype. I can't wait to see her next week. Haven't seen her for whole year. I took lots of photos of beauty products, I need to edit them. I been very productive I think. I drafted some post already before going on holiday in 2 weeks time.

002. The sales had started, so gutted as my pay day is this Thursday. I had some "spare" money, which are to spend before going on holiday, so I had ordered something from Rivers Island and Topshop. On Saturday I also had spend some money in La Senza, their underwear is amazing! And bras are only £5.

003. I'm so happy that I received so much positive feedback on the Blogs I like post. From now on I will do them every other Tuesday. I have so many blogs to feature on my blog. Exciting things. We all have to help each other out. I also want to thank Brogan and Jennie, both of them made my friday amazing! Thank you girls.

004.I can't wait until next Saturday, I'm going out with my lovely friends. Can't wait to catch up on everything. Then my best friend is coming over in 10 days, the time pass by so fast.



  1. hehe love sales! but they don´t have great things on sale here in sweden :(

  2. got to love sales, but unfortuantly i have very little money to buy anything! You look gorgeous! xo

  3. Loved your blog about the blogs you like btw :) xx

  4. Have a good time away on holiday! I'm not going this year so jealous of everyone posting about holidays! :)

  5. you look gorgeous in your picture; your makeup is perfect too! ahh, i'm the same with money, need to do some saving so i can go sale shopping! :)xo

  6. you are gorg!
    I love a bit of La Senza, as well.
    I feel like a princess when I wear fancy underwears.
    Also, I have a £30 LUSH giveaway right now that I'd love for you to enter :-)

  7. you look gorgeous here angelica, wish I could pull off pink lipsticks! x

  8. Love the picture! You look so pretty!

    Fashions on Top

  9. I love that lipstick...! Is it matte? It looks matte...I can never find one when I go out in search of one!

    Emily x

    1. It's not a matte, it's has glossy finish. It's Urban Decay High Gloss Lip Stick in Love Child. x


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