Sunday, 1 July 2012

sunday portrait 25

001. Another week flew by, I can believe that everything is happening so fast. I'm going on holiday on the 25th of July. My best friend is coming over in 17 days, can't wait, we will have so much fun. I miss her, haven't seen her for whole year. We both leave in different countries, and it will be her first visit in UK. I will show her around London, if you have any eating places recommendation, please drop me down the names.

002. I just been out to return few things and then I went to McDonalds, I'm so bad. I grabbed 20 McNuggets, 2 cheeseburgers and 4 sweet chilli dip. I shared the box with my mum and the 2 cheeseburgers had been for my brother and nothing for my dad. I love McDonald milk shake, but currently I don't tolerate nothing that sweets, not sure what going on here, but I just don't even feel like eating chocolate.  I had Mocha Frappucino at Starbucks yesterday and I found it way to sweet for my liking. Weird. 

003. We had been clearing out the shed yesterday and I found great books that I never read and few magazines. A full box of clothes which are too small for me now, hopefully I will be able to fit in them soon, as some still have tags on. I finally need to became more healthy and go back to exercising. I miss gym. Will sign up to it again after July. As I can't spend money at the moment. 

004. Have any of you have a camera bag, like a small one? I need to buy a new one to be able to carry the camera around with me. I have Canon 550D with 17mm-75mm lend. I also need to get it fixed before 18th July, it just need a good clean I think, and hope. And how am I not supposed to spend money?


  1. Ślicznie wyglądasz na tym zdjęciu :)

  2. Adorable face x

  3. Your hair is beautiful lovely! x

  4. Whats your lipstick im in love with it!? x

  5. Sounds like a busy week ahead! Know how it is with friends living abroad, my bestie is leaving me to live in the US for a year, how will I cope!!! xx

  6. I'd like to come to London, too! :D And I don't like McDonalds but milk shake is amazing

  7. i love your hair :) Xo

  8. I love your hair in the picture!

  9. you are stunning!
    love that lip colour


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