Wednesday, 25 July 2012

see you in a bit, holiday time

 Hello my lovelies, from today 25 JULY - 5 AUGUST I am away on holiday. I'm in Poland. I will have some stuff to do while I'm here, of course I will still relax. We have our own house in Poland and yes we do come here every year. It's not boring at all as we do different things each year.

The airline we are flying with is Ryanair, the worst airline ever, but I have to use it as this is the only airline who lands in the airport which is really close to our hometown. We had the earliest flight, so I been up since 3am. Blog stuff. I had scheduled some posts while I'm away. I will have internet while I'm here so I will be probably up to date with everything. I'm normally out of the house for the whole time, I'm mostly around at home only at night time.  So we will see how everything goes.

This is a scheduled post, by the time you be reading it, I will be landing in Poland.


  1. have a good time on holiday! xx

  2. Wow I didn't know you were polish! Were you born there? I'm polish and I visit my grandparents every year in Poland xx

  3. I just saw you did a post about the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment. I've been reading about this so I really must read your post! I'd love to visit Poland. I've never been to Eastern Europe, to be honest. I'm so boring..I'd love to visit Russia, Austria, ...A lot of places really.

  4. I wish I'd do that. I think I will when I'm a bit older and have some money (right now I'm saving so that I can move to London next year, I live in Portugal). London is just...perfect.

  5. Have a good time in Poland :)

  6. Have a fun and safe trip love! xx


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