Wednesday, 4 July 2012

mac pro longwear foundation

Foundation are my weakness, I own too many. I love trying out new foundation, it's also a thing that we use the most. When it's comes to foundation I like both light or medium coverage. The finishes may very as sometimes I feel like I want dewy finish or semi matte finish. Everything depends from the state of my skin, if it's in good condition I try not to use anything heavy, when I want to hide everything I will go for something with more coverage. 

MAC Pro Longwear is actually pretty good foundation, but nothing special. I mostly like it for the colour match and coverage. I like to wear in on day when I need longer lasting power, as MAC claims this foundation should last up to "15 hours". I can agree as I worn it for around 11 hours with out a primer and it's only has faded a little bit on my cheeks, but I notice that on my forehead or nose it didn't last for so long, it may be because these are the oily parts on my face. With a good primer it may last for 15 hours, but I personally won't wear foundation for so long. I wear foundation for around 5-8hours per a day and when I have very busy day then I will wear it for 12 hours, but that happened rarely. For me it's a light/medium coverage foundation, it's very lightweight on the face. You can build it up.

I find applying this to slightly wet face as it's works so much better, much more easier to blend. I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin, as in winter when I had dry cheeks it left me with flaky skin. The finish is very natural as it's not dewy and not matte. Somehow I feel like it's adjust to your skin type, quite difficult to explain.  It won't be cakey on your skin as some foundation may be. It's a really nice foundation, but in my opinion it's not worth the money. I'm almost out of it and I don't think I will re-purchase it. You can actually see me wearing this on most of my Sunday Portrait post.


  1. I really want to try this and the face ad body foundations, they both seem to be the foundations that most appeal to me!

  2. it looks very light and sheer... I have dry skin unfortunately.

    Thanks for the review!!!

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  3. I need need to try this!!!! :O

  4. The price must have just gone up! I checked on Monday when I was writing my empties post and it was still at £22.50 which is what I have always paid for it! I agree with you that it is pretty good but nothing special, however, I have repurchased over and over so I must like something about it. It's strange how different people view products differently, I see this as quite a heavy coverage, unless I just apply a lot haha xx

  5. i really want to try this foundation..well anything form mac in general, its just so pricey..for me! xo

  6. i really want to try a mac foundation, but i can never find one that suits me. but i really want to try this onee :)

  7. Good review! I agree with everything you said! I also like to wear it on days when I need y foundation to last longer. xx

  8. After trying this for a few days now I wish it was slightly less matte.... I will never find the perfect foundation ahah! xx

    Katharine from

  9. I'd love to try this foundation!! I've heard so much good things about it! :)

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  10. Such a great post!!!

    I'd like to keep in touch with you.
    What do you say about following each others blog via gfc and bloglovin?

    Let me know! Kisses,

  11. Oh I have to buy this one too, looks so pretty.

    Confessions of a blonde

  12. I love this one! Its abit thick for me, but because it lasts so long - Its worth it! Lovely blog, just followed xx

  13. Fab review lovely! I hear so many good things about mac cosmetics but it's a real shame about the price...

  14. ooooh, i've been seeing this stuff everywhere!
    i've been meaning to try it for a really long time, but unfortunately i'm on a pretty tight budget. aggghh :(
    great review though! i know what you mean about the "adjusting to your skin type" thing -- i love foundations that do that!


  15. For some reason I always walk past this foundation, I love that it adapts though. Might try and do the impossible and get a sample from my local counter! x

  16. I actually have a MAC voucher so may try out this foundation sometime x


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