Thursday, 19 July 2012

montagne jeunesse glacial clay spa

Montagne Jeunesse recently had launched new two new Clay Spa face masks. The Clay Spa masks are very affordable as most Montagne Jeunesse products are. I love treating my face with face masks, who doesn't? Both Clay Spa magic are fabric mask, which I actually really like, as I find them much more easier to apply. The clays are sourced into natural bamboo fabric. They are very deep cleansing.

The Glacial Clay mask had left my skin very soft in touch and very well cleansed. I feel like it made my blackheads slightly less visible, as I can always see them on my nose. Glacial Clay mask haven't turned hard on my skin, as most clay mask do so. Most of the products had been absorbed into my skin. The negative thing that I found about this mask is the smell, I'm not a big fan of it and it does stay on your skin after you remove the mask. I'm quite picky with smells. Overall the mask is fantastic, the cooling effect that it gave me was really relaxing, great for hot summer days (which we don't have at the moment in UK). I will defiantly repurchase this, even thought the smell wasn't that great.

All Montagne Jeunesse products are vegetarian friendly and are paraben-free. The Clay Spa masks will be available from Boots mid August and they will be available in Asda from September. They are now available here. By the way I must mention that I loved the way the Masks had been delivered, you can view the packaging here


  1. Lovely review, I definitely want to try this now :) xx

  2. I'd love to try these as I am actually on the lookout for face masks, at the moment. Do you think they stock them outside the UK?

  3. Ive never tried a fabric mask before, sounds really interesting! x


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