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Another set of lovely blogs, my list keeps on growing and I'm even thinking of doing this type of post weekly, as I have so much lovely blogs to share with you. As I'm on holiday for unknown reason the GFC on all blogs won't show up, it does work when I'm in UK. So I'm following all new blogs via blog bloglovin and hellocotton. 

bourjois magic nail polish remover

Products that has lots of hype around the bloggers community, if it actually that good? I must admit that it is very good!  Totally worth trying. I think that soon we will be overloaded with nail polish remover just like this one, they will just vary from ingredients and prices. I did uses to use a nail polish remover just like this one, overboard they have very similar nail polishes remover just like this one. Not sure why did it take so long to have something like this in the UK. 

As Bourjois claims it should take a second to remove the nail polish, and to be honest I don't agree with that, I normally need just one good twist, to remove 3 coats. This little baby is amazing for glitter nail polish! Makes my life so much easier, I love wearing glitter nail polishes. If you are wearing glitter nail polish then you must give it more time to get it removed properly.  It doesn't dry out you nails, is very nails friendly. I'm not sure how does it work with fake nails, as I don't wear them. The smell isn't nasty, it leaves your fingers and nails smelling really fruity. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover also contains sweet almond oil, this is great for your cuticles. I still do use another Oil for my cuticles as this one is not enough for my nails.

I think this is an excellent products and very simple to use, you don't need to use cotton pads with it. The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is something that I will always have in my house, even my Mum really likes it. I'm not sure for how long this will last, as I only have it for 1 month so far.
sunday update 29

 sorry for  the dark portrait, but I'm in love with the background Me(l)&Natalia(r)

001. I'm in Poland since Wednesday, I will be back to UK next Sunday. To be honest I can wait. I miss my normal bedroom and lazy days. I also want to be back at work, although I do moan about it, I do miss it. My Grandparents are very annoying and the idea that I'm not allowed to drive, as I don't have a car, kills me. Here you get bus every 1-2 hours. Mostly in the area I live in. On a good note, my dad let me test drive, and I did pretty well, so I think I will be allowed to use the car. Happy me.

002. I bought the Dior Addicted perfume at airport, I love it! I saved £15 on the 100ml bottle. We left the house two and half hours before our flight, but the que to give in the bag, was around 1hour long. So we had small delay and end up running for the plane. Then we got the rented car, and some bloody driver was drunk while driving, and we over took him on straight line, then he moved his car to the left, and hit our right mirror. It had closed, so my dad thought that nothing had happened. When we got home we had noticed that the right side where the front wheel is, got smashed a bit. My dad will get it fix tomorrow, so we won't loose the deposit and it's a lot cheaper to get it fix.

003. On Friday me and Natalia went out shopping together, then we found out that there will be midnight sales, so we went for it too. It was fun, but I didn't buy anything. Most stuff as always had been overpriced. We also met with some friends earlier for a beer. Was so much fun to catch up on everything. 

004. It's so hot in POLAND! I'm sticky and sweaty. I normally take 3 showers during the day to make myslef normal and I'm still as pale as I been. Will aim to tan tomorrow in the sun, as the sun today wasn't great for tanning.
things i want 21

 Denim shirts always had been my obsession, I love to add them to any outfit. I normally leave them open, I don't like the way it looks on me when the buttons are done. The barrette are my new obsession, love the way girls wear them. They always make an outfit look very stylish. Bioderma is something I will stock up on, as you can easily get it in Poland. I will probably buy 4 500ml bottles, so they will last me a year. The best make-up remover I tried so far. The bracelet is simple and cool, I love it. I don't own any pair of sandals, these look very pretty.
holiday make-up


Yes, I am taking make-up on holiday with me. I do want to look good, as I will be visiting family. I know most of the people, so I want to look presentable. I'm not carrying any skincare products with me, as I have plenty at home(in Poland), which are new. The River Island Make-up bag has the right size, fit's everything I need. For 12 days holiday. This may look like I'm taking a lot, but honestly I'm not.

You may be wondering why I need 3 foundations, that pretty simple. I have around 2-3 uses out of the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, so I will use it up, when I would like better coverage foundation. I'm also almost out of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and I love it during summer. It's very light weight and water based. The Laura Mercier is great lightweight and in the rush foundation. You never know how much time I may have to get ready, normally they give me 3 minutes until we will go somewhere, I don't wear make-up when I'm at home. Studio Fix is so good to make my skin matte. I decided to take a primer, as I have no idea if I will need some help at applying foundation more smoothly. I'm taking 2 concealers, as I love the YSL, very light. I'm just taking the Maybelline just in case I will need more coverage. This is my new Mascara and I'm amazed by it. Makes my lashes look amazing. 

MAC Omega is my eyebrow shadow, will be also good to use in the crease. The Illamasqua eyeshadow is great for brighting my eyes. I'm taking my bronzer just in case I need to darken up my foundation. I'm taking one blush, as I'm not big fan of blushers. Two lipsticks will be enough for me, Gaga 1 is such a pretty pink and Hue is great to wear on daily basic. Urban Decay Lip Stick is a glossy "lipstick" very smooth on the lips. One lipgloss will be enough for me, I love this one as it's very smooth. 
see you in a bit, holiday time

 Hello my lovelies, from today 25 JULY - 5 AUGUST I am away on holiday. I'm in Poland. I will have some stuff to do while I'm here, of course I will still relax. We have our own house in Poland and yes we do come here every year. It's not boring at all as we do different things each year.

The airline we are flying with is Ryanair, the worst airline ever, but I have to use it as this is the only airline who lands in the airport which is really close to our hometown. We had the earliest flight, so I been up since 3am. Blog stuff. I had scheduled some posts while I'm away. I will have internet while I'm here so I will be probably up to date with everything. I'm normally out of the house for the whole time, I'm mostly around at home only at night time.  So we will see how everything goes.

This is a scheduled post, by the time you be reading it, I will be landing in Poland.
lee stafford hair growth treatment

My most used product, I went through around 5 of these now. Firstly let's get it straight it's not an "miracle" product. It won't make you hair grow faster. Now you may be wondering why did I use up so many of these, if they aren't working. If you don't know already I have very sensitive/dry scalps and this had been doing wonders to them. They are not as flaky looking, as they are when I use pretty drying shampoo (experimenting, with new shampoos), my scalps became very well moisturised after using this.

The Lee Stafford Treatment is very moisturising my hair and my scalps, smells so lovely too. I normally like to use it when I'm having a pampering bath (once a week, as I like to shower more than bath), I leave it on my hair for around 5 minutes as recommended. I massage this into my scalps and then apply some to the rest of my hair, mostly focusing on the ends. Sometimes I over use it, but I just can't control the amount I apply to my hair.  I feel like when you use it, while having a bath, the steam opens up the scalps and it's let the products sink in better. Going back to the growing faster bit, I have pretty long hair already and I haven't notice a big improvement in growing speed. Maybe if you would use the whole Lee Stafford Growth Range, then your hair would improve on the growth time. 

The product is pretty pricey for what it is, so I normally stock up on this when they have an good offer on this, like two Lee Stafford products for £8, so it's like getting one free. You just have to watch out for this sort of offers in Boots. I would recommend it if you have very dry scalps, and not for the hair growth.
top 5 summer nail polishes


My favourite summer nail polishes, I love bright nail during summer. I normally go for coral pinks, as they are my favourite. Bourjois #25 is one of my favourite, I love the brush, somehow it's makes painting nails so much easier. The colour is very coral pink, not orange at all. One negative is that they don't have a name, Bourjois nail polishes have numbers and I don't like that. I prefer names. Essie Haute as Hello, is such a lovely colour on nails it dries matte, which is very frustrating as I'm not a big fan of matte nails. It's very light orange. Barry M Pink Flamingo is amazing, I had worn it so much, I'm more than half bottle through it. I love adding a touch of pastel pink on my ring finger with this nail polish on other fingers. I decided to also add something more pastel, Models Own Lilac Dream is such a lovely shade of purple. I love it on my nails. Essie Mint Candy Apple is one of my all time favourite nail polishes, it's very popular and that's not the reason why I love it. I love the way it's looks on my hands. It may be slightly odd colour for summer, but I'm still loving it.
sunday portrait 28

001. The best days so far! Yesterday was amazing, amazing, amazing! I'm having so much fun. As you my now my friends is visiting me and on Wednesday we are both going to Poland. We had been touring London yesterday, even thought I do live in London for around 11 years now, I never really payed to much attention to the city. Took so many photos.

002. I haven't been replying to comments and emails, as I don't have time to be on my laptop during the day, but I promise you that soon I will do so. Sorry for the delays. I just want to enjoy the holiday. Hope you understand. 
notd: essie haute as hello and opi save me

Taking photos of nails is so difficult, as my camera is so heavy and I refused to use the tripod. Will do next time, note to myslef. I don't often do nails of the day, as I find it so difficult to photograph my hand, hate the way it looks in photos. My fingers look so short, whereas they are normal length. BTW, some of my nails had been broken while taking the photos, need to wait until they will grow back. Okay, I will stop rambling now. 

I'm big lover of Essie nail polishes, I'm so happy that they are now available in Boots and Superdrug. As I love looking at the colours in person. I have two Essie nail polishes with the old thin brush, which I hate! Takes for ever to paint my nails, the new version with the bigger brush is so much better. Haute as Hello is such a pretty coral orange, that's how it's looks in the bottle, on the nails I would say it looks like light orange.  I like colour like this during summer, as they look so nice on tanned hands. The Haute as Hello has the thin brush, such a pain! It's so difficult to make it look nice on the nails, as thin brush leaves me with lines. So I had to paint my nails with 3 coats, normally two is enough with normal brush. The colour is very well pigmented. Last on the nails without a top coat for 2 days, with extreme use (like lots of washing, house work etc.) With good top coat you can pull it up to 4+ days. That's pretty good I would say. I do like the colour but I think Tart Deco would be more ME colour (I will add it to my collection when I will use up at least one nail polish). 

OPI is one of my favourite nail polish brand. The colour range is amazing, I wouldn't mind owning all of the colours. I love the names they call their nail polishes. This is OPI effect nail polish, which I really like to use on one finger, just like I did on the pictures above. I love glitter nail polishes, but I hate removing them, such a pain. This nail polish contains little pieces of glitter and line flakes. I think this nail polish had been a part Nicki Minaj collection. I really like to use it to achieve different effect, if you layer it up it will look like a normal glittery nail polish, when you will use one layer it will be very gentle on the nails. However I went for two layers. It's not only silver it also contains some blue,yellow, green, red and many more colours, depends on what light you will look at it. It dries really quickly.

things i want 20

I'm going on holiday in 5 days, and I still haven't done any holiday shopping. I'm thinking more of the clothes than beauty, as I already have enough of beauty products. I been looking for a pretty Kimono, just to throw over on slightly colder nights. I can't find any that I like, this one looks pretty, but I'm not sure about the material. Dior Addict is on my wish list for around 2-3years now, I know they had re design the packaging now. It's smells so lovely, I'm planning to pick it up on the airport, hopefully it will be a lot cheaper. I'm actually out of perfumes to be honest, we(my Mum&I) normally had around 4-6 perfumes and now we are left with 2. My mum really wants Dolce Gabanna Light Blue, I also love the scent, so might pick up this too. The new YSL foundation is amazing, I love the sample. Will love to buy the full size, probably after my summer holiday. I have too many foundations. The Origins Make a Difference cream is something that I need want, as the cream I'm currently using isn't doing any good to my skin, can't wait until I will use it up. I'm so good at using up creams, it's takes me 1,5-2month to finish a cream. I always have one at a time. 
montagne jeunesse glacial clay spa

Montagne Jeunesse recently had launched new two new Clay Spa face masks. The Clay Spa masks are very affordable as most Montagne Jeunesse products are. I love treating my face with face masks, who doesn't? Both Clay Spa magic are fabric mask, which I actually really like, as I find them much more easier to apply. The clays are sourced into natural bamboo fabric. They are very deep cleansing.

The Glacial Clay mask had left my skin very soft in touch and very well cleansed. I feel like it made my blackheads slightly less visible, as I can always see them on my nose. Glacial Clay mask haven't turned hard on my skin, as most clay mask do so. Most of the products had been absorbed into my skin. The negative thing that I found about this mask is the smell, I'm not a big fan of it and it does stay on your skin after you remove the mask. I'm quite picky with smells. Overall the mask is fantastic, the cooling effect that it gave me was really relaxing, great for hot summer days (which we don't have at the moment in UK). I will defiantly repurchase this, even thought the smell wasn't that great.

All Montagne Jeunesse products are vegetarian friendly and are paraben-free. The Clay Spa masks will be available from Boots mid August and they will be available in Asda from September. They are now available here. By the way I must mention that I loved the way the Masks had been delivered, you can view the packaging here
ysl touche eclat iluminating concealer

This baby is the most amazing "concealer" I ever used. I don't really have much to cover under my eyes, as I normally always aim to have 7-8hours sleep (I don't always mange to achieve that). My under-eyes will have slight tint of purple/blue in the inner-corners of my eyes. Sometimes I do need more coverage if I had really bad night, but on daily basic this is enough for me. This brightens my eyes so well. 

The coverage is very light, but I would say you can build it up to medium coverage. I have number 1, the original one, it has red undertone. The brush is very handy, but I would recommend to wash it from time to time, just like you would wash you normal brush. I love the fact that you have to click to get some product out, I normally use two clicks. I dot this under my eyes and on the moving lid, then I would use my fingers to blend this in. I tried to apply this with the brush, but I feel like it doesn't blend out the product to well. The brush itself is very soft. I wouldn't recommend using this on blemishes, as it will just highlighted them, remember this is highlighting/brighting concealer. I would also recommend to use it on the bridge of your nose.  The Touche Eclat is very creamy and lightweight.

It is expensive but defiantly worth every penny. I know that there is a pretty good dupe of this, it's the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer, I haven't tried it so I can't say much on it. I will defiantly try it out when I will be out of this one. If you want to treat yourself I will strongly recommend this for you, I have mine for around 5month now and it's still going strong, I use it around 3-4times a week.
blogs i like 2

My favourite type of post, I love sharing my favourite blogs with you. There are so many blogs which I want to share with you, I keep on adding new links to my list. I have over 40+ already and the list is still growing. Hopefully each of you will find something new to read.  Somehow I couldn't add the links to the "photos", blogger kept on moving everything.

Not a Fashion Student is a mixture of Fashion and Beauty blog. Charlotte is 21 years old, she looks so lovely. I'm really loving the blog design, as well as the post.

Hello October another great blog. I'm really loving the design as well as the blog name. Suzie also have a Youtube channel. She is such a lovely girl. I really enjoy reading Suzie posts.

Katharine is such a beauty! I'm really loving her style. Katharine also blogs about beauty. The photos on her blog are nice and clear.

Tattooed Tealady is another great blog to read. Sophia is such a lovely girl! The photos on her blog are very clear, that what I also like about blogs. Sophia's blog is mostly focused on beauty.

Annabel blog contains a bit of everything. This post helped me discover something new, I still can't get enough of it. Annabel's post are very easy to read, that what I mostly like about blogs, the blog design also looks very pretty.
topshop lipstick in tease

Topshop lipstick are one of my favourite, if I could I would own every single colour. Recently Topshop had added few colours to their collections and most of them are the most gorgeous pinks. If you don't already know, I'm obsessed with pink lipsticks. When you actually look at the lipstick itself it's looks very  bright and dark, but once you swatch it, it's much more lighter and more wearable during the day. 

I'm not that comfortable to wear pinks that are extremely dark and almost turns into red during the day. Tease is more of blue purple/pink, it is bright but not so "in your face". It is slightly Barbie Pink. The finish is matte, but it isn't drying, as some matte lipstick may be. It's very smooth on the lips. I also like the smell of Topshop lipsticks, I'm not sure how to describe it. The colour last on the lips for 
around 5 hours. In my opinion Topshop lipstick are as good as MAC lipstick, if not better. The colour range is also very nice, and Topshop from time to time keeps adding new lipsticks to the range. I'm sure everyone will find something for themselves.