Friday, 8 June 2012

things i want 14

For last 2 weeks I'm without money *sad face*, I had to pay my car insurance and I paid in rest of the money to my saving account, I just left myself £50. My payday will be next Thursday so I'm planning to spoil myslef with some new things. My holiday is approaching so fast, I have 7 weeks until my holiday and as we all know this year is just flying by, can't believe that we have passed half of the year, and there we hardly ever get sun! Recently I bought myslef Chanel sunglasses, and that the only pair I own, so I'm on a hunt for another pair, this pair look so lovely and I feel like it's not over priced for designer sunglasses. I don't own any clutches, so I'm also looking for one. The River Island one has such a nice colour. I want the Asymmetric top in every colour! Might make a cheeky order on payday. I'm really into lipglosses, and I must say that I don't own many, as I never been a fan of them.
HOPEFULLY Poland will make me proud today!


  1. I really love that top! The clutch is a gorgeous colour xx

  2. I love the sunglasses :)

  3. Great list! I really love the grey top and sunglasses!

  4. Love the top, I picked it up the other day! x

  5. Love the list, the top is great, and I love the one sleeve.


  6. Cool selection!!!

    Kisses from Italy


  7. Love that topshop top!

    I'm doing a. Topshop giveaway on my blog, would love you to enter!

  8. I haven't tried the Clarin's one but I have both of the No7 Nourishing Lip Shine's and love them both. £10.50 each or £5.50 with a £5 No7 voucher. And apparently a perfect dupe! xo

  9. I'm liking the clutch bag and the sunglasses.
    Thank you for giving me your blog link tonight on #bblogger on twitter, I'll definitely be visiting your blog again.. also following you.
    Thank you again


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