Sunday, 24 June 2012

sunday portrait 24

001. On Friday I won Rebekah Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, I'm so excited! I never had really entered any giveaways, but I now will. There are always chances that you could win something. Don't think it's impossible. I'm also planning to do a giveaway on my blog very soon, as I want to treat you my lovely readers and supporters. 

002. My best friend will visit me in 4 weeks time, that so exciting. I will show her around London. Then we are both going to Poland. We have our own house there, which had been build by my Dad 13 years ago. I call it summer house, as we only go there on summer. I miss my other bedroom.

003. I'm starting to like buying clothes more than make-up. That so good, as I need more clothes, I have too much make-up products. I also had thrown away lots of skincare and make-up products which had been out of date. Yesterday I took over 100 photos of products, which I want to review. I'm probably going to edit them on Monday, so I could draft some posts. 

004. I would also like to welcome all my new readers, there are altogether  500+ of you here. I'm so so thankful for that. I'm thinking of doing something "new" and exciting on my blog very soon.

005. Yesterday I spend rest of the day on re-arranging my bedroom. Me and my Mum had moved the shelf and I also go rid of my bed, so no I got to wait until I will buy a new one. For now I have two mattress on the floor, to keep the hight of the bed. I like that for now.


  1. congratulations on winning the naked palette 2, thats amazing! xo

  2. i love posts like this x

  3. Świetny masz blog wiesz?:) Na pewno będę tu częściej zaglądać!:D PS.Obserwujemy??buziaki:***!

  4. congrats on winning the naked pallet, that's amazing! And have a lovely time at home :) x x x

  5. Congrats on winning the giveaway! I actually saw your name on that page and thought yay, I know this girl! :D

  6. Congrats on winning the Giveaway! Ahh one month I will want to spend all my money on clothes, and the next it's back to being obsessed with make up :) x

  7. Wow so lucky, I am planning on getting the naked palette original soon. :)

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