Thursday, 21 June 2012

my thoughts on beauty boxes

Since last year beauty boxes became very popular, now there are many in the market to choose from. In my opinion it's a difficult task to pick the right one. The boxes that I used to be subscribed to are GlossyBox, JolieBox, FeelUnique and I'm currently only subscribed to SheSaidBeauty. Most beauty boxes are around £10+P&P per month. And to be honest I don't feel like you need to be subscribed to all, as it will be so expensive. I could easily live without any Beauty Box, but I just like to receive one, as there is always a chance to try something new.

I subscribed to GlossyBox in June 2011 and then I just started to dislike the stuff I received. I didn't even use up most of the samples. I felt like the box is getting worst and worst. Now I only look what people receive. Since looking at it I notice that the GB Ambassadors receive better things in their boxes, as most of us know they normally receive they box earlier, when they show lots of goodies it makes more people want it. Now I sometimes subscribe to their Limited Edition boxes. Last month they had their First Birthday beauty box so I subscribed the stuff were okay, I excepted something better. I also notice that they add sample that already had been in their box before. I forgotten to cancel my subscription this month and I received the worst box. Many people also complain about they Consumer Service. JolieBox, I remember when they first planned to come out, I been subscribed to their beauty box for around 2 month, I did really like it but I feel like it was aimed for older women/girls. 

FeelUnique beauty box was one of my favourite! I loved it too much. I can't wait until the box will be back, as they are working on something better. The box always contain products which I wanted to try out. SheSaidBeauty is a new beauty box in the market, I love the colour of their boxes. The stuff is again hit or miss, but I do like it. They work with many different brands, and they always throw something extra in their box.

If you think about it, sometimes it's more worth to spend the money on beauty product from high end. I'm sure there are more beauty boxes in the market, but I haven't heard of them. Let me know what they are. What are your thought on the beauty boxes, are they worth the money? To which box are  you subscribed to?


  1. I'm only subbed to Joliebox now, Glossybox service have been awful recently with all the drama! I haven't tried the She said beauty one yet though, looking forwards to seeing whats in the next box!xx

  2. I'm really considering subscribing to the She Said Beauty box, it seems right up my street with the st tropez and eyelashes! whereas with other boxes, i don't want to be paying £10pm for some anti-wrinkle cream or something ha. If i like what's in next months She Said Beauty box, i'm going to go for it :)

  3. I don't subscribe to any now but used to get GB. The items were alright but I could live without them. Though I do use my HD palette every day!

  4. i havent got any beauty boxes but im considering trying one out. i havent heard great things about glossybox though! xo

  5. I was subscribed to Glossybox, unsubscribed yesterday. The first box I was chuffed with (I've received the last three) I was underwhelmed by last month's anniversary box and this month's was awful.

    Joliebox I have had one of, liked it, stuck with it for this month which I am told is on it's way, then will unsubscribe til Oct, purely cos of money.

    I have a six month subscription to She Said Beauty and love it. My favourite so far! xo

  6. Glossybox is terrible! their customer service awful, their attitude to customers too, and then the ambassadors are just ridiculous sometimes.
    I am so glad I unsubscribed as it was a waste of money! I am also seriously unimpressed with the 'drama' that has unfolded with one of their employees(an established blogger) insulting a customer!

    I much prefer Joliebox, it is of much higher quality and I can't wait to get this months special box! :) They seem a lot more professional and put so much more thought into their boxes, magazine and website.


  7. Great post, I've been thinking about subscribing to a Beauty Box and I've never known which one to go for. I'm reading less and less good reviews about Glossy Box these days! x

  8. great post, i have been wanting to subscribe to a beauty box for a really long time but i dont know what one i want to try and this really helpedd (: xx

  9. There always seems to be a lot of drama around Glossybox, I tried out one box and then there were payment issues for the next so I ended up unsubscribing. The first box I had ever signed up to was FeelUnique which was by far my favourite...I hope they make a return soon!

    I recently signed up to She Said Beauty (found a discount for the 6 month sub woop!) and I've received my first box which I'm really pleased with.

    I think it can be a bit hit and miss with beauty boxes, I try to do the best out of 3 - if you're more disappointed than pleased with your box by the 3rd one than just unsubscribe! x

  10. I love the thought of receiving them, but I just don't think they're worth the money!

  11. I'm starting to wonder if beauty boxes are worth it. I've been subscribed to She Said Beauty since the start but unless I really like what's in July's box I think I'm going to unsubscribe. That £12 a month could probably be better spent. :p

  12. I've subscribed to Birchbox over in the US, and my first box was terrible. Beyond terrible, but I had to give it one more chance. 2nd time around, I ended up with some really awesome stuff, and I'm looking forward to next month. I'm kind of a cheapskate though, so I knew I could use the $10 a month towards rent or internet bill, but we'll see. I'm such a sample addict.

  13. I still havnt joined the beautybox bandwagon and i really want to aah! But i have no idea which to try! I think i might try the SheSaidBeauty one while I wait for the FeelUnique one to come back in stock!xo

  14. Really want to give glossy box a go... All of the samples I've seen on other blogs I've really wanted to try!... Think it's all down to personal taste isn't it :)

    Claudia X

  15. This is a really good post. When I started blogging I wasn't subscribed to any, and after thinking about it but hearing the negative comments (beside your blog, I've heard lots of other bad things) I don't think I'll subscribe anyway! I think I'll stick to buying beauty products that I want to buy & review them honestly x


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