things i want 17

Neon is really hot at the moment, but I'm not really brave enough to wear it. So I'm planning to pick up some accessories. The make-up bag looks so nice, will be so handy while travelling. I love small bracelets on my hand, most are normally in the style of this one, so I would love to pick it up and it's really cheap. The top is so pretty, I saw similar one in River Island will check soon if they still have it, if not I will go for this one. Was this lipstick the part of Topshop winter collection? If yes then I want it really badly, as I love the colour and I didn't pick it up in winter. 
BTW: can you see all pictures on my blog in the posts?
l'oreal elvive conditioning replenish spray

It's had been recently very hot in London and hot weather affects my hair really badly. They get really dry and frizzy. I love to use leave in conditioners in my hair, just to make them look more smooth. Spray leave in conditioners are my favourite, so simple to use. I been using this for around a month now and I use it on daily basic, I love to spray it on dry hair. I feel like the moisture comes back. The Conditioning spray doesn't weigh down my hair, that's a big plus, as some leave in conditioners did. It won't make your hair go sticky, so you shouldn't be afraid of using it. My hair after wash have really bad tangles, and this spray does help me to de-tangle them. I can go on with so many positive things about this product forever. The smell is really nice and it's last on the hair for around 4hours. My hair are less frizzy. Just to make you aware this won't fix your split ends, it doesn't add volume to your hair. I will strongly recommend this product,  if you are looking for a spray conditioners.
la roche posay effaclar purifying foaming gel

As some of you may already know, I had really bad break out. So I decided to go back to my old skin routine to get it fixed. La Roche-Posay is my all time favourite brand for skincare. My Dermatologist had recommended this to me last summer and from that time I went through 4 tubs. In Poland you can get a larger bottle with a pump and for cheaper price. As well as I think that the UK version has slightly different formula, but it still works. 

This product doesn't irritate my skin or eyes. It's removes make-up really nicely, I normally prefer to use it in the morning. I massage this on my face, and then splash my face with cold water. The scent is really nice. This is actually a foaming gel, but it won't dry out your skin, as it's soap-free. On the good note this controls the oils on your face. The Purifying Foaming Gel also has pH 5.5  which is great for the skin. When I got back to using this, my break out get so much better, I almost have break out free face.This also works well with Clarsonic.The most amazing part is that it's Alcohol free, my skin can't stand anything that contains alcohol. The Purifying Foaming Gel also contains La Roche Posay thermal spring water, I had never tried that before, but I'm planning to get it for my summer holiday.

I will soon do a post on full skin care routine, as I feel that everything is finally working for me. I will strongly recommended it if you suffer from breaks out, but you must remember what works for me it may not work for you. For reference my skin is combination to oily, it's mostly oily on my forehead and nose. Pretty normal elsewhere, in winter my cheeks will get really dry.
mua undressed eyeshadow palette

Make-Up Academy (MUA) is very affordable brand, and recently they had launched new neutral colour palette, Undressed. MUA also have very successful Heaven and Earth palette, which also contains neutral colours. The colours are not the same. As you all may already know I love wearing neutral eyeshadows. This palette had been getting lots of love from me recently, I almost had hit the pan on the lightest shade (Shade 1) and slightly darker brown with reddish glitter (Shade 10).

The eyeshadows are such a great quality and the lasting power is pretty good. I get around 6 hours of wear. The colours are very nice, and look very similar to the Naked 1 palette, Leanne done a great post on that. They look very similar but not all shades are exactly the same. In this palette you have 3 matte shades, I must mention that they aren't pigmented so well, but you can build the colour up. The metallic/shimmery colours are really well pigmented. The eyeshadows are really soft and easy to blend out, as well as build up. MUA eyeshadows have very good quality.

You will be able to find this palette in stores on the 4th July, but for now you can order it off from the MUA website. MUA palettes are very affordable, and the selection of colours is great. The quality of the eyeshadows is amazing, the packaging may look a bit cheap, but it doesn't matter too me as it still looks nice.
sunday portrait 24

001. On Friday I won Rebekah Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, I'm so excited! I never had really entered any giveaways, but I now will. There are always chances that you could win something. Don't think it's impossible. I'm also planning to do a giveaway on my blog very soon, as I want to treat you my lovely readers and supporters. 

002. My best friend will visit me in 4 weeks time, that so exciting. I will show her around London. Then we are both going to Poland. We have our own house there, which had been build by my Dad 13 years ago. I call it summer house, as we only go there on summer. I miss my other bedroom.

003. I'm starting to like buying clothes more than make-up. That so good, as I need more clothes, I have too much make-up products. I also had thrown away lots of skincare and make-up products which had been out of date. Yesterday I took over 100 photos of products, which I want to review. I'm probably going to edit them on Monday, so I could draft some posts. 

004. I would also like to welcome all my new readers, there are altogether  500+ of you here. I'm so so thankful for that. I'm thinking of doing something "new" and exciting on my blog very soon.

005. Yesterday I spend rest of the day on re-arranging my bedroom. Me and my Mum had moved the shelf and I also go rid of my bed, so no I got to wait until I will buy a new one. For now I have two mattress on the floor, to keep the hight of the bed. I like that for now.
things i want 16

Skincare want, I know I'm going a bit crazy, but to be honest I run out out of most of my skin care products. My skin went a bit mental lately, it's so difficult to control it. I decided to play it safe, La Roche Posay is one of my favourite skincare brand, this Purifying Foaming Gel is amazing! I went through three tubs already, it's smells really nice. It always makes my skin go clear. Avene is a brand that I never had a chance to try out, so I'm planning to give it a go. As the products don't contain many ingredients. St.Ives is the best facial scrub! I haven't scrubbed my face for so long! As I kept on forgetting to buy it. I'm out of day cream and the one that I had so far didn't seem to work, so I'm still looking for a good hydrating cream. I need to take care of my face for the summer holiday. 

my thoughts on beauty boxes
Since last year beauty boxes became very popular, now there are many in the market to choose from. In my opinion it's a difficult task to pick the right one. The boxes that I used to be subscribed to are GlossyBox, JolieBox, FeelUnique and I'm currently only subscribed to SheSaidBeauty. Most beauty boxes are around £10+P&P per month. And to be honest I don't feel like you need to be subscribed to all, as it will be so expensive. I could easily live without any Beauty Box, but I just like to receive one, as there is always a chance to try something new.

I subscribed to GlossyBox in June 2011 and then I just started to dislike the stuff I received. I didn't even use up most of the samples. I felt like the box is getting worst and worst. Now I only look what people receive. Since looking at it I notice that the GB Ambassadors receive better things in their boxes, as most of us know they normally receive they box earlier, when they show lots of goodies it makes more people want it. Now I sometimes subscribe to their Limited Edition boxes. Last month they had their First Birthday beauty box so I subscribed the stuff were okay, I excepted something better. I also notice that they add sample that already had been in their box before. I forgotten to cancel my subscription this month and I received the worst box. Many people also complain about they Consumer Service. JolieBox, I remember when they first planned to come out, I been subscribed to their beauty box for around 2 month, I did really like it but I feel like it was aimed for older women/girls. 

FeelUnique beauty box was one of my favourite! I loved it too much. I can't wait until the box will be back, as they are working on something better. The box always contain products which I wanted to try out. SheSaidBeauty is a new beauty box in the market, I love the colour of their boxes. The stuff is again hit or miss, but I do like it. They work with many different brands, and they always throw something extra in their box.

If you think about it, sometimes it's more worth to spend the money on beauty product from high end. I'm sure there are more beauty boxes in the market, but I haven't heard of them. Let me know what they are. What are your thought on the beauty boxes, are they worth the money? To which box are  you subscribed to?
what's inside my bag


Recently I had registered to What's in my Handbag, where you can upload your handbag. Every week they give out a sample, if you qualify you will receive it. I love having a look through other handbags.  You can view my bag on their website here. I do change my bags very often, as everything depends from my day. If I'm going to be busy I go for bigger bag, so I could fit more in. I bought this Aldo bag ages ago, and I just hardly ever worn it, as I forgotten about it. It does look like Chanel handbag, I really love the colour of it. 

Straight away you can spot my Chanel sunglasses case, I carry these sunglasses all the time with me. BTW it's the only pair of sunglasses I own. I always were them while driving, mostly when the sun is really bright. Hopefully we will have more sun soon. Blackberry, the worst phone ever! I used to have an iPhone when it's first came out, but then when my contract had finished I wanted something different and it was the worst decision I ever made. 6 month to go until my contract will be over. OPITEX is a must have, as my eyes get really dry. Yes I do carry to many lip products, I just love lipsticks. The Topshop lipstick in Tease is something new. I love the colour on my lips. Urban Decay Super Gloss lip stick is something that I had for very long amount of time, and I love it too much. MAC Hue is the most amazing every day shade. MAC Studio Fix powder is just always with me as it has a mirror. The Accessorize ticket  holder contains everything like my bank cars, bus/underground ticket, college id. Hope you like my bag. I will soon do another post like this with my bigger bag, so you will see what I carry on more busy days. 
philip kingsley elasticizer hair treatment

I heard a lot about this product before having a chance to try it, the price kept on putting me off. Then I had a chance to try it out, as I received this in Glossy Box and then Feel Unique also had it in their beauty box. As you may know I like taking care of my hair, as recently I had a hair cut, I'm trying to not let them go back to the state they had been before. I also have the most sensitive scalps, they are so dry and flaky. It's not dandruff. 

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is the best hair treatment I ever tried! You apply this all over damped hair, for around 10-20minutes, before actually shampooing the hair. I mostly focus on my scalps and the ends on my hair, then I put a towel and keep it on my hair for around 30minutes. This leaves my hair so soft and healthy looking, as well less frizzy. It doesn't leave your hair looking greasy. One thing that annoys me is the fact that you have to apply it on dirty hair, although I do think this is the most amazing "pre shampoo" hair treatment.

Even thought it's very expensive for the full size I'm still planning to buy it. It will be a great investment and will last for very long time. Wish the packaging of the full size could be much more better, as I don't like dipping my fingers inside pots.When I do I always over use products, in this way. I'm also planning to have a look at the whole Philip Kingsley range. Did you have a chance to try it out?

sunday portrait 23
001. On Saturday I went to TOWIB. The event was amazing! Hayley done great job. I must mention it was so much better than the one last one. We had more open space, and chance to decide what workshop do we want to go to. You could had picked up a drink and biscuits. I been to 3 Towib event so far and I can't wait for more. I also had a chance to meet lovely people.

002. I'm finally off college! So I will have a lot more free time. I'm planning to re-organise my room. I just need a small organisation change. New bed is needed, as the one I have just annoys me, it's looks like this. I just want a simple bed. As well as I need to deal with the magazines I collected over the years and the new ones.

003. On Friday I went on big shopping spree, and I bought some things from my wishlists. Brent Cross Shopping Centre have my favourite selection of shops and it's not far away from me. I didn't go mad with beauty products this time, it was more about clothes. Six weeks left until my holiday. BTW I finally had created a pintrest account, if you want you can follow me here.
things i want 15

As today is my payday, I decided to go for a big shopping. Hopefully I will pick up everything I want. My holiday it's coming very soon, so I wanted to pick up some goods to be more ready for it. My scalps are driving me crazy! They are super dry, no shampoos seems to help. Hopefully the BB tonic will help me out. The lipstick has such a lovely colour, I love it. The River Island top is really pretty too. BTW is any of you attending the Towib event tomorrow? 
 EDIT 18/06: I bought the top, lipstick and BB tonic. 
what do i like to watch

90210 is the first series I started to watch. I been enjoying it, but now I find it a bit boring. Wish they could add something more interesting to the plot. The best part of the show is the clothing the girls wear, I just like to see what sort of outfit they are wearing.

Gossip Girl is one of my favourite series, I love the moments with Chuck and Blair. I do hope they will be back together one day. Selena is my least favourite character at the moment. I also hope that Jenny would come back to the plot soon, I really loved her outfits.

Pretty Little Liars is the best show I ever had watched! The plot is amazing. I first had read the book and then I found out that they are making a series out of it. I would love to finally find out who A is. It may be group of people. The girls always look so glamours, I wonder when are they going to have a normal life. "I'm back bitches ~A".

The Lying Game is very similar to Pretty Little Liars, but here you have twins, who are looking for they birth mother. The plot is very interesting. Emma&Sutton are both played by one actress. Season 2 will be on around winter time, can't wait. I will strongly recommend this to people who like to watch mystery stuff.

Made in Chelsea is a new series that I started to watch. I think I been watching it for around 2months, I already managed to catch up on everything. Millie, Caggie and Jamie are my favourite characters, although it's sort of real life series, they still ad some set up scenes.

I really enjoy post like this so I decided to do my own, what's are your favourite series/shows? I also really like Jersey Shore, TOWIE, The Hills and many more. I also like to watch Brazilian soaps, they are normally translated and have such a great plots. If you ave anything to recommend to me, please do so.
montagne jeunesse travel pamper kit

Recently Montagne Jeunesse had launched their 'Travel Pamper Pack'. I think that have a great timing as the holidays season is about to start. The Travel Pamper Pack is very handy when you are going away, as it doesn't take much space, if you going away for longer than 3 days I would recommend to bring another shower gel with you. I like that everything is inside the book, so nothing will get lost. The booklet comes with one passion peel, one skin smoother, two body wash, one foot cooler and intensive spa hair masque. At the back of each sachets you have clear instructions how to use each product.

PASSION PEEL OFF MASQUE: This is an Peel off mask, it's has a sticky gel formula. The smell was really fruity, a great mix of pomegranate and passion fruit. I love Peel off mask, as when you peel it off I feel like all the dirt comes off. This face masque leaves my face looking very fresh and soft.
SKIN SMOOTHER: I was slightly surprised by this products, just because of the smell. I hoped that it will have similar smell as the St.Ives apricot scrub, but it wasn't as great as I hoped. Overall the products wasn't that bad, it;s just the smell that had putted me off. The skin smoother did leave my skin feeling very smooth.
BODY WASH: The Body Wash had the most amazing smell! It's reminds me off The Body Shop Satsuma, my favourite scent of all time. The formula is the same as most showers gels. Smells so lovely on the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.
FOOT COOLER: I will soon add a note to this, as I still haven't have time to try it out.
INTENSIVE SPA HAIR MASQUE: The Intensive Spa Hair Masque had left my hair very soft and lovely smelling. My hair had been less frizzy, and more manageable. I love to treat my hair with face mask.

Montagne Jeunesse products are  suitable for vegetarians and sold in Boots and Asda, you can also order the products directly from I will defiantly recommend buying this for your holiday, so handy. 
may favourites


It's time for May favourites, I didn't use too many products this month as I was super busy. I didn't also have much time for shopping and now we are out of showers gels, will stock up on everything this Friday. Of course I do still shower, I'm just using sample stuff from Beauty Boxes. Can't wait for the big Boots shopping spree. I used up most of my skincare products as well. Let's go back to the actual post. 

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, I had ordered this from a blog sale, so I saved some pennies. I must say that this is my NEW favourite foundation! The gel formula is amazing, the foundation is very smooth and lightweight on the skin. I will soon do a full review on it, I'm saving it up now for summer holiday. 
MAC Lipstick in Hue, is my new obsession when I first got this lipstick, I wasn't sure about it, but now I love it. I also accidentally had dropped it. The colour is great to wear on daily basic. 
Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter, you can read the full review here. I'm finally got back to using a highlighter, I kept on neglecting them, as I thought that I don't need any more shine on my face.
Maybelline On and On Bronze, you can read full review here. It's so simple to use and it's brings out my eye colour.  The lasting power is really good too.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Hair Treatment, another amazing product. I'm planning to buy full size of this, I went through two samples already. This products leaves my hair super soft. One things that annoys me is, that you have to use it on dirty hair.
TRESemme Dry Shampoo, you can read full review here. I had few issues with my hair this month, my hair kept on getting oily as well as they had been super flat. I'm almost out my second bottle. This is the best dry shampoo I ever tried, as it doesn't leave the powdery feeling.
*Full reviews of unlinked products are coming soon.

sunday portrait 22

001. I really enjoyed the 1 week break from college, I'm back only on Tuesday to mount my final work for photography, as I didn't have much time to do it the other week. Hopefully I will get good grade, fingers cross. I only done one A2 this year, as my college had cancelled all AS, and they cancelled A2 Art, so I wasn't able to finish it off, I had called over 10 colleges, and none of them let me finish it off, as they wanted me to move to their college. I failed English Literature. I'm planning to do Foundation Art for the next year and then I'm off to uni. Hopefully. 

002. I started *sort of* my 'new' job, it the same one as the last one but I have more hours, this means more money and soon I will get more hours, so it will almost turn into full time. I don't want to do it forever, so I'm planning to continue my education.

003. The whole EURO2012 'thing' is actually quite enjoyable, for first time in my life I'm enjoying watching football, okay I lied, second! I normally only watch it when Arsenal&Chelsea are playing. As my brother is a supporter of Arsenal and I'm the fan of Chelsea, we love to tease each other. I'm just gutted that Poland had a draw with Greece, I watched the first half so I went to work with a good mood, but then I found out that it was 1-1. In case you wondering why I'm supporting Poland it's simply because I'm POLISH, I just grew up in London. We moved to England when I was 7, so it's been a good 11years since I been living here. 

004.Next Saturday I'm off to The Only Way is Blogging (TOWIB) this will be my third time. I love the whole idea of bloggers having a chance to meet each other as well as you can learn lots of interesting things.
things i want 14

For last 2 weeks I'm without money *sad face*, I had to pay my car insurance and I paid in rest of the money to my saving account, I just left myself £50. My payday will be next Thursday so I'm planning to spoil myslef with some new things. My holiday is approaching so fast, I have 7 weeks until my holiday and as we all know this year is just flying by, can't believe that we have passed half of the year, and there we hardly ever get sun! Recently I bought myslef Chanel sunglasses, and that the only pair I own, so I'm on a hunt for another pair, this pair look so lovely and I feel like it's not over priced for designer sunglasses. I don't own any clutches, so I'm also looking for one. The River Island one has such a nice colour. I want the Asymmetric top in every colour! Might make a cheeky order on payday. I'm really into lipglosses, and I must say that I don't own many, as I never been a fan of them.
HOPEFULLY Poland will make me proud today!
accessorize lovely day palette

I recently got an invite to the Accessorize press event, but on the sad side I wasn't able to attended it as I was working. So I received some things to try out by post. I was really excited that I received this palette "Lovely Day" as "You are Everything" contained much more brighter colours, I'm more of an neutral colours girl.

The colours are really highly pigmented. In this palette you get a mixture of shimmery and matte shades.  There are 32 different shades, I must say that you get really nice choice. I find the matte colours slightly less pigmented.The packaging of the palette is lovely, as well as it has a pink elastic band to keep your palette safe. The palette also contains a small mirror, which can be really handy. The colours are very smooth and easy to apply, and they blend really well. It's nice to have wider range of colours in one palette.

I like to experiment with different colours, but on daily basic I normally go for neutral colours. This palette will launch on the 6th of June at Superdrug or on the Accessorize website.