Sunday, 27 May 2012

sunday portrait 20

001. On Monday I went to visit LTMuseum, that was pretty fun. I really enjoyed my short trip. Will recommend it to people who like transport or history. I might take some photos of the underground, to have more pictures for my course.

002. Done some shopping with my Mum, never again! It's so much easier going shopping alone. I can actually walk around my favourite shops for longer, as my Mum doesn't like to shop in them. We both have completely different styles. When I go alone I can always try stuff on. 

003. I been cleaning my bedroom today, as well as organising my clothes and make-up. I love having clean room, my sheets had been changed. When they get washed the bed sheets normally dry on the same day, so I put them on straight away, so my bed will smell really nice. If it rainy I will just grab another bed sheets. I also had done clothes washing, my least favourite activity.

004. I'm planning to do a huge change about my life, I really want to improve my health and begin exercising regularly. I might go back to swimming as I always have love for swimming. The London weather is not helping me, I hate sticky weather, it makes me not want to do anything. I'm super lazy on sunny days.


  1. Ah Sundays, its my day I change the bed, have a quick dust around and it feels so nice when the rooms clean, tidy and fresh bed sheets. I am quite a stickler for a clean room so luckily it doesn't get too bad during the week.

    Beckys Makeup

  2. jaka ty sliczna ♥
    zapraszam do mnie ;d

  3. I much prefer shopping on my own too!

  4. Your hair looks lovely hun ! xx


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