Sunday, 20 May 2012

sunday portrait 19

001. Another week went pass, I did hand in one of my photography book and I'm almost done with the second one, only annotation left. Will be done for tomorrow and then I will be finally free! Can't wait for the up coming bank holidays, I will have more rest from work. 

002. I bought my TOWIB 4 ticket, can't wait for it. This time I think it will be so much fun! As it will be in Tiger Tiger club in London. Will love to meet new people, I have my business cards ready. Is any of you planning to go? If yes I will recommend to get the ticket now, as soon they might be gone. 

003. My Zara Messenger bag has arrived and I have mix feeling about it, as I feel like it already has lost it's shape and I still haven't worn it. Might return it and get another bag from Zara, I have few on my list which I would love to own. I also received my Liz Earle order 2 weeks ago and I must say that the Hot Cloth cleanser had been breaking me out but now it's a lot better, my skin got used to it, I think.

004. Soon I'm starting my new job, additional one to the one I already have. This means more money. I already managed to save up some for my holiday and then I'm planning to save up for new car, camera and macbook. I'm sure I will be able to do it as my mum will pay the other half for the car. 

005. Thank you for all my new followers friends. Enjoy your last hours of the weekend. I don't have college tomorrow so I'm free, all I need to do is go to work.


  1. thats annoying about the zara bag </3 its so nice too x

  2. I love the Zara bag and debating buying it, but it's refreshing to see someone who isn't overly keen for a change! x

  3. darling, you look lovely in that portrait. also that zara bag looks quite interesting. not at all what i think of when i think of a messenger bag but quite pretty! i hope everything goes well with the 2nd job as well and i also hope you have a lovely time at TOWIB!

    xx rae

    pop by if you have a moment, and follow if you like what you see, love <3

  4. Good Luck for the new job!

  5. Exciting news about your new job, good luck with it! I really want to go to TOWIB and see some familiar faces and meet lots of new ones but I'm away, really gutted- hope you have a brilliant time xx


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