sunday portrait 18

sunday portrait 18

001. This week had been super busy for me, I hardly had any "me" time. My deadlines are coming up, so I'm working very hard to finish everything in time. I had been editing my Photography photos for around 5hours in one day. My fingers are still recovering. I been taking loads of photos around London, at least Waterloo wasn't too busy on Thursday. 

002. I can't believe that the time flies so fast! My holiday is approaching very fast and I don't really feel like going. My mum is not coming with us again, wish she did, but her work is holding her here. I'm going to be away for 10 days, much more shorter than last year as I went away for around 5 weeks.

003. Shopping. I didn't like anything in shops, can't wait for winter collections to launch, I love winter clothes. I just bought some new make-up bits which I don't need to be honest, but I always wanted to try them out.

004. Around an hour ago I had a haircut. My hair are around 15cm shorter *sob*. My parents friend (male) is pretty good at cutting his girlfriend hair, even thought he never had anything to do with hairdressing. I must say that I love the effect, all my dead ends are finally gone. Now I can plan something new. It's all about taking care of my hair this month, so watch out for some hair care product reviews.

005. My deadline for photography is this week, so I'm going to be a bit busy, but I promise that I will aim to write some post up tonight. Today was very good, we had pizza for lunch at around 1pm. I love Dominos!

006. I would also like to thank you for following my blog, I love you all my lovely readers. I also had been looking for new blogs to read via Bloglovin. Mostly beauty blogs. Any recommendation?
  1. Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous. Mine mostly lacks volume; I really need to find a way to shuzz it up like yours (by which I mean add volume of course!) xx

    1. Haha this is called photo volume, I normally just make a mess with it to get more volume and I bring al of my hair to the front. My hair are much more shorter now, as I took the photo much more earlier in the day. x

  2. lovely photo. I know what you mean about hankering after winter clothes! LV x

  3. Good luck with the photography :) Thanks for replying to my comment xxxx


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