Sunday, 6 May 2012

sunday portrait 17

001. I finally got my Holiday ticket booked, can't wait till July. My best friend is also coming over to London and then she will be leaving with us. I would love to have a break from everything and enjoy myself. As I was planning to attend #LondonCoffeeBloggerMeet, but my plans had change, I'm so gutted that I missed it. I needed to be somewhere else at that time.

002. My mood is really bad today, I'm not sure why! I feel really angry, mad and sad. Tomorrows is Bank Holiday Monday so I'm off work like most people, *excited* I do need a break. Tomorrow I planned to take some photos for my photography project with my friend. I need at least 100. Wish someone else could do the work for me.

003. No shopping for me, it's had been 1 month now. Maybe that's why my mood is so crap. I did order the Zara Messenger bag last night. I'm really shocked about the price, as most of their bags are pretty expensive.

004. I don't have much to say this week. Hope all of you will enjoy Monday.


  1. Your skin always looks so flawless! I am going to Poland in July too :)

  2. The Zara Messenger bag has been very popular on Youtube and blogs, I can see why it's lovely!

  3. I love your lipstick here! Gorgeous ! x

  4. Thats a cute bag! such a staple!!

  5. I wish I could find the bag here, in Lisbon :(
    I hope you get a chance to rest my dear.

    - Joana

  6. Love the Zara messenger bag!

  7. Love the Zara bag.
    Just wanted to say how gorgeous your hair is! Lovely shades of blonde :)
    Really like your blog! X

  8. You look lovely with this lipstick on :) xx

  9. I absolutely love that pink shade on your lips! Gorgeous!

  10. the pink lipstick really suits you! it's such a pretty color!


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