Wednesday, 9 May 2012

nivea oil free moisturising day cream

Whenever I run out from a day moisturiser I mostly move on to a different one, this time I went for the Nivea Oil Free Moisturiser.  I wanted a oil free one so it could be used under my foundation.When buying new cream I always look at the SPF, so I would get some sun protection.

As my skin is Combination to Oily, I notice that my skin got a lot drier when I had been using this, it also left my skin very oily looking, even thought it supposed to be "oil free". That's pretty annoying as most moisturisers should be moisturising, not drying out your skin. When I apply foundation I can see dry patches around my cheeks (I didn't change my routine, I only added this cream to it). The smell is okay, not a smell I would normally go for. Not really sure why I had picked this moisturiser up as my skin dislikes most of Nivea products. I'm looking for a replacement any recommendation?

You must remember that this my not work for me, but it may work for you. The price isn't too bad, but it just didn't work for me. This product had last me for around 2 months with everyday use.


  1. looks like a lovely one :D love nivea products :)

  2. That's so annoying! I hate it when that happens and you have a tube of perfectly good (but not for you) moisturiser laying around. I'm on the look out for one for dry/sensitive skin but no luck so far!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  3. I'm currently using this too and for me it seems to work! Makes a change as nothing normally does, but I do agree it does make my face look a little more oily than I expected with this, but it seems to balance out eventually (: I think I have pretty dry skin though! (: I used to love a neutrogena mosituriser (not sure it's exact name) it worked wonders but then I just fancied a change and never went back (: xx

  4. I'm not big on nivea for my face either, but their soft body moisturiser is great though, La Roche Posay Effaclar M is really for combination skin and doesn't leave any dry or tight feeling ! xx

  5. Thanks for this little review! Funny how different things work for different people!


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