glamour and benefit

This month Glamour is giving out Benefit freebies. You can pick from 3 products, "that gal" brighting primer, the porefessional primer, bad gal mascara. I decided to go for all, as I never had chance to try out anything, apart from porefessional. I used to have the porefessional, after 2 used I worked out it's a fake ebay version. The colour was very different and so was the smell. I'm glad that I worked that out and had thrown it away. I love magazines freebies, as you can always try out new things. Are you planning to pick up Glamour this month?
smashbox photo finish primer

When it's comes to foundation primer I don't really use them as I never notice any difference. This primer has a nice velvety feeling, this reminds me very much of the Gosh Velvet Touch Primer, I would say it's cheaper alternative of the Smashbox photo finish primer.

The product itself is clear, in my opinion it's scent less. Smashbox claims it contains "vitamins A and E, grape seed extract and green tea" so some how it's should have some smell? I love the smell of green tea, so wouldn't mind, but on the other side not many people like scented face products. The primer is very lightweight. Little amount will go long way, I normally apply this on my cheeks, around the eyes and forehead. I did try whole face few times, but I don't really feel like rest of my face need it. The version I have it's oil free. As my cheeks are sometimes a little drier, I love to use the primer before, as my foundation will apply on really smoothly.

The negatives,  I do like the packaging, but there is one negative about it, there should be written instructions somewhere or and ingredient list and it's also should have symbols at the back. Another negative is that this little baby contains Silicones, which are really bad for are face, as they cause break outs, if you will use it too often. Finding ingredient list for the primer was a task. The Smashbox website doesn't contain the list of ingredients. Although I do like this product, but I will not repurchase just because of the price. As I mention before Gosh Velvet Touch Primer is a great alternative. 
zoom in, my make-up

On Sunday I decided to re-organise my make up. I had taken everything out from the drawer and left everything on top of my dressing table. Just to see what have a got and what's am I actually using. In my opinion my collection had grown too much, I'm cutting everything down. I haven't been buying make-up for around 3 weeks now. I just had to re-buy some of my skincare products as most had run out.

I have too many lip product, but I do wear lipstick on daily basic, unless I'm at home. When I'm at home for majority time I won't wear any make-up. Weekend are mostly my days off, but for the Sunday portrait I will apply make-up and then wash it off, unless I been out. I'm also a foundation junky, although I had found the one, MAC Studio Sculpt. I will still want to try out other foundations. 

sunday portrait 20
001. On Monday I went to visit LTMuseum, that was pretty fun. I really enjoyed my short trip. Will recommend it to people who like transport or history. I might take some photos of the underground, to have more pictures for my course.

002. Done some shopping with my Mum, never again! It's so much easier going shopping alone. I can actually walk around my favourite shops for longer, as my Mum doesn't like to shop in them. We both have completely different styles. When I go alone I can always try stuff on. 

003. I been cleaning my bedroom today, as well as organising my clothes and make-up. I love having clean room, my sheets had been changed. When they get washed the bed sheets normally dry on the same day, so I put them on straight away, so my bed will smell really nice. If it rainy I will just grab another bed sheets. I also had done clothes washing, my least favourite activity.

004. I'm planning to do a huge change about my life, I really want to improve my health and begin exercising regularly. I might go back to swimming as I always have love for swimming. The London weather is not helping me, I hate sticky weather, it makes me not want to do anything. I'm super lazy on sunny days.
things i want 10

I'm on a hunt for new bag, as the Zara one didn't work out for me. I have ear cuff obsession! Wish I would actually wear them, not just collect it. Will do when I will get my second hole pierced. The necklace looks so nice, I need to update my jewellery, as I have nothing I like. This t-shirt is so simple, but nice at the same time, the zip detail at the back makes me want it even more.

EDIT 26/05: I had picked up this top in two colours. 
macadamia healing oil treatment

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment is a really good thing, that I ever used on my hair. Glossy Box well done for putting this inside my box. I had great use out of it and I'm finally going to pick up full size, with a pump. My hair haven't been so great few weeks ago, as I haven't had a hair cut for around 2 years (my hair had a haircut last week) so the ends of my hair, had been very dry.

I must say that the healing oil treatment had helped me a lot. I normally had been applying this on wet hair, I had been mixing this, with an leave-in conditioner (I mostly been using the L'Oreal Leave-in Conditioner), for better effect. I hardly ever use hair drier, so my hair always dry naturally. Also not long ago I picked up the Macadamia Leave-in Cream and it's smells so good, much more better than this treatment.You can use this treatment on all hair types. The texture is very runny. It also had been leaving my hair very shiny and soft feeling. My ends had been moisturised very well.

The Healing Oil will last you forever as I had the 10ml bottle for around 2 months. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, so it had last for long amount of time.As I mention before the smell isn't anything amazing, but I don't mind it so much. It didn't weight my hair down, as well as they haven't been left looking greasy. It is expensive but in my opinion it's worth the price, the large bottle will last you for ever, as you won't need to use lots of the product.
o.p.i nail envy nail strengthener

My nails always been something that I wasn't happy about, in my young teens I kept on biting my nails. Then somehow I stopped. After a while they started to break and chip, so I kept painting them to cover the chipping, but everything got even worst. Now I can say I'm happy with my nails, I love the way they look, although they do break sometimes, but not as much as they used to. 

In my past I had tried many nail strengtheners and none of them worked. They just worked the same was as clear nail polish. The O.P.I had improved my nails condition a lot, they got much more longer, they never had been do long, as well as they are stronger. I can't say anything negative about this. As it's says on the packaging you should first apply two coats and then add another coat every over day. I don't really follow this rule. In my opinion it's just waste of this product. Most time I wear it alone or as a base under a nail polish. There are 6 different types of Nail Envy, I have the Original version. When I will be out of this bottle, Dry and Brittle Nail Envy is next on my wishlist. I also added Calcium and Vitamin D supplements to my diet, this had also helped.

In my opinion this product is worth the price, I got mine from, so I saved some money. I would strongly recommend it.

sunday portrait 19
001. Another week went pass, I did hand in one of my photography book and I'm almost done with the second one, only annotation left. Will be done for tomorrow and then I will be finally free! Can't wait for the up coming bank holidays, I will have more rest from work. 

002. I bought my TOWIB 4 ticket, can't wait for it. This time I think it will be so much fun! As it will be in Tiger Tiger club in London. Will love to meet new people, I have my business cards ready. Is any of you planning to go? If yes I will recommend to get the ticket now, as soon they might be gone. 

003. My Zara Messenger bag has arrived and I have mix feeling about it, as I feel like it already has lost it's shape and I still haven't worn it. Might return it and get another bag from Zara, I have few on my list which I would love to own. I also received my Liz Earle order 2 weeks ago and I must say that the Hot Cloth cleanser had been breaking me out but now it's a lot better, my skin got used to it, I think.

004. Soon I'm starting my new job, additional one to the one I already have. This means more money. I already managed to save up some for my holiday and then I'm planning to save up for new car, camera and macbook. I'm sure I will be able to do it as my mum will pay the other half for the car. 

005. Thank you for all my new followers friends. Enjoy your last hours of the weekend. I don't have college tomorrow so I'm free, all I need to do is go to work.
maya meets chanel
My lovely Maya, our most loved pet in the house! Isn't she adorable? She have lovely brown eyes and the most amazing tail. Taking photos of her may be difficult, I tried to dress her up today for an giveaway, but nothing has worked out. As Maya is the most inpatient cat I ever met in my life. She had scratched my hands really badly, the scars look like I been cutting myslef. I will always love her even if she is so mean to me. She doesn't like hugs, that makes me really unhappy, as I love hugging and kissing her. In the morning when I'm asleep she is the lovely pet, who tries to wake me up. Maya will walk on me and purr really loudly, so I would get up and open the door for her. Maya loves to play with any type of bag, she will put her head inside and run around the room with the bag. So adorable.
curently on my nails

Essie nail polish are my new obsession, the Mint Candy Apple is one of my favourite. I own 3 Essie nail polishes so far. Wish that the version that I have could have bigger brush, so it won't take so long to get a nail painted. Model Own Pastel Pink is a colour that I like to wear alone, but this time I decided to do something different. The Jessica Top Coat is amazing! My favourite glitter top coat, the glitter is very small, you can't see it from far away, you have to look very closely. Looks lovely under light or in the sunlight. It also makes my nail polish last for 3 days without chipping.

Sorry for the out focus photos.
things i want 09

As I had mention few post back I had a hair cut, all of my dead hair had been cut off, that around 13cm (5inches). So now I will take much more better care of my hair, so they will soon get back to the length I used to have. I had a chance to try out the Laura Mercier cleansing oil and I really want to buy the full size. You can never have too many kabuki brushes? The dress has such a lovely bright colour, great for summer.
garnier fresh essentials hydrating day cream

Moisturisers are a must for my skin. I normally have one at a time, as soon when I  use it up, I will buy another moisturiser. Even though I have oily/combination skin, I have to moisturise it, as my skin can get a bit dry around my cheeks. As well as when my skin is nicely moisturised my foundation applies a lot better. 
Garnier Fresh Essentials hydrating day cream contains grape water and vitamin E. The smell is so nice, like most of Garnier products. The formula won't leave you with greasy skin/feeling, it's absorbs to skin very fast. It's lightweight. You don't need a lot, to cover the whole face, the consistency is more of and gel, that why it's absorbs so fast into the skin. Some creams leave my skin looking more oily, but this one doesn't. It didn't break me out, my skin was hydrated when I was using it. I do think this is a great cream, if you looking for something that will be lightweight.

The one negative that I have about it is the fact that it doesn't contain any SPF,  so I need to use sun protecting cream on top of this one and wish it had the details on the actual packaging than on the cardboard. Not long ago I done a review on a tonic from the same range, you can read more about it here. Now from the same range I'm trying out night cream.
mac studio fix powder

As I have oily T-Zone, powder is something that I like to reach for. I have love hate  relationship with coloured powders, as sometimes they can leave you with patches, mostly when they aren't blended out well. I normally go for transparent setting powders. When buying a powder I normally buy a darker one, so if a foundation is a little bit to dark on my face, I can match up my neck with a powder.

The MAC Studio Fix is really good to use on it's own, or on top of a foundation. For me it's a medium coverage powder, you can easily build it up. The powder is weightless on the face. It may look powdery, so I would recommend spraying it with MAC Fix+ or you can apply it with slightly wet brush. It's comes with a sponge applicator. I'm not the biggest fan of sponge applicators, as they pick up to much product and it's difficult to work with them. MAC studio fix powder mattifies my T-Zone for around 4-5hours. This doesn't break me out. I like that the compact contains a mirror, that's a big plus for me. Also big plus for the colour range, as everyone will find a colour for themselves. The packaging overall looks really nice and simple. I recently had picked up the Laura Mercier Mineralize Powder and I think it's a lot better than MAC studio fix powder, as the LM is more velvety on the face and the MAC one can be a bit chalky. 

Overall I do think this is a good product worth giving this a go. If I want to use it alone on my face, I normally do that when I don't have much time to get ready. I feel it's going to be amazing for lazy summer days, when I'm on holiday. I'm not sure how would this product work for ladies with dry skin, maybe if you moisturiser you skin well, it will work for you.

sunday portrait 18

001. This week had been super busy for me, I hardly had any "me" time. My deadlines are coming up, so I'm working very hard to finish everything in time. I had been editing my Photography photos for around 5hours in one day. My fingers are still recovering. I been taking loads of photos around London, at least Waterloo wasn't too busy on Thursday. 

002. I can't believe that the time flies so fast! My holiday is approaching very fast and I don't really feel like going. My mum is not coming with us again, wish she did, but her work is holding her here. I'm going to be away for 10 days, much more shorter than last year as I went away for around 5 weeks.

003. Shopping. I didn't like anything in shops, can't wait for winter collections to launch, I love winter clothes. I just bought some new make-up bits which I don't need to be honest, but I always wanted to try them out.

004. Around an hour ago I had a haircut. My hair are around 15cm shorter *sob*. My parents friend (male) is pretty good at cutting his girlfriend hair, even thought he never had anything to do with hairdressing. I must say that I love the effect, all my dead ends are finally gone. Now I can plan something new. It's all about taking care of my hair this month, so watch out for some hair care product reviews.

005. My deadline for photography is this week, so I'm going to be a bit busy, but I promise that I will aim to write some post up tonight. Today was very good, we had pizza for lunch at around 1pm. I love Dominos!

006. I would also like to thank you for following my blog, I love you all my lovely readers. I also had been looking for new blogs to read via Bloglovin. Mostly beauty blogs. Any recommendation?
mac lipstick collection


My collection contains 7 MAC lipsticks. I still remember buying my first one Viva Glam Gaga and then last summer I picked up Lady Gaga 2 on the airport, while going on holiday. My next two lipstick were Hue and Speed Dial. Not long ago I picked up Naughty Sauté, Watch Me Shimmer (both are from the MAC Shop Cook collection LE) and Viva Glam Nicki (all at one go). There are still few more MAC lipstick which I would love to get. Angel, Plink, Crème Cup, Please Me, Shy Girl are my most wanted. I'm not a lip-gloss girl. I really love pink lips, but sometimes I would go with nudes.

Naughty Sauté is becoming one of my favourite lipstick right now, as the colour is perfect for sunny days. Viva Glam Nicki is very bright neon coral pink, I love the colour and can't wait for summer to wear is everyday! As you may notice Viva Glam Gaga is the most used as I been wearing it for the whole summer last year, I'm now saving it as I love the colour. Wish it was in the permanent range. Speed Dail  is another lovely pink, the lipstick is also very creamy. Watch Me Shimmer is a colour which I'm scared of a bit, not sure why did I actually buy it. As it's really pigmented I apply a little bit and then I would smudge it on my lips. Hue had became my new obsession I wear it all the time, love the natural lip colour it gives me. I always carry it around with me. Viva Glam Gaga 2 is a nice nude, it does wash me out so I normally use it to pale out my lips and apply colour lipgloss.

I would love to add more MAC lipsticks to my collection, but the price is a little too heavy. I must say that the lipsticks are worth the price, as well as I think that the Topshop lipsticks are as good as the MAC ones. Wish that the Topshop Lipstick range could have more colours.

things i want 09

I'm getting really into simple jewellery, I never really liked gold so much before, but now I love gold accessories. The tank top is simple but nice. Recently I had run out of my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and. Even though I feel like it breaks me out, I will give it a full try once again. I love to use it on my eyes. The Liz Earle Skin Tonic Spritzer is something that I wanted to try for a while, hopefully it's going to be good.
nivea oil free moisturising day cream

Whenever I run out from a day moisturiser I mostly move on to a different one, this time I went for the Nivea Oil Free Moisturiser.  I wanted a oil free one so it could be used under my foundation.When buying new cream I always look at the SPF, so I would get some sun protection.

As my skin is Combination to Oily, I notice that my skin got a lot drier when I had been using this, it also left my skin very oily looking, even thought it supposed to be "oil free". That's pretty annoying as most moisturisers should be moisturising, not drying out your skin. When I apply foundation I can see dry patches around my cheeks (I didn't change my routine, I only added this cream to it). The smell is okay, not a smell I would normally go for. Not really sure why I had picked this moisturiser up as my skin dislikes most of Nivea products. I'm looking for a replacement any recommendation?

You must remember that this my not work for me, but it may work for you. The price isn't too bad, but it just didn't work for me. This product had last me for around 2 months with everyday use.
maybelline colour tattoo 24hr in on and on bronze

At first I wasn't planning to buy any of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, because I didn't believe they could be good. I did swatch them few times, something kept making me go back to them. The coloured ones weren't for me, as I hardly ever wear any colours on my eyes other than neutral browns. I'm a big sucker for hyped products around blogosphere, why is it so difficult to control myslef?

When swatching the On and on Bronze, I thought it would be great to wear on the outer corners of my eyes, as it seem too be a little dark, to wear all over the lid. While trying it out on my eyes, I had applied it all over the lid and fallen in love. It's not that dark and scary as I thought. I must mention that I feel like it brings out the blue in my eyes. The Colours Tattoo's don't crease, as well as they don't smudge, pigmentation is very good. The gel/cream eyeshadow is very easy to blend. I haven't tested it for the full 24hr, who wears make up for so long? After 9 hours of wearing it was still going strong, the colour still stayed the same. On and On Bronze is a shimmery gel/cream eyeshadow and I love that, because I'm not a fan of matte eyeshadows. I personally like to apply this eyeshadow by using my ring finger, while trying to apply it by using a brush too much product was picked up and it didn't look as good as using a finger. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoos are really good and defiantly worth the price. Wish the colour range was a bit more wider, hopefully some new shades would arrive soon. I'm really surprise how much I like this product. Did any of you had a chance to try these out, what colour is your favourite?