Friday, 27 April 2012

things i want 07

I'm really into hair care before summer. I'm even planning to do something new with my hair. So bored of my blonde outgrowing highlights. I will soon let you know more details on that. I love everything that smells of Oatmeal and Honey, so the Tigi catwalk conditioner will be delicious. My hair turn into dry mess in summer, so the moisturising spray would be amazing for warmer days. Topshop added new lipstick colour, which looks really nice. I herd so many good things about Topshop nail polishes and I must admit that I never tried any.


  1. Those Topshop polishes look gorgeous! xx

  2. oh wow that lipstick... yumm
    also im having a giveaway on my blog that id love you to enter :) x

  3. Love the topshop nails polishes ! If you get the conditionner let us know if it's good ! xx

  4. Ohh love the look of that Topshop lipstick! xo

  5. I love Tigi haircare they have the most amazing hair care for styling! I think Hairtrade is the cheapest place you can get it at the moment.


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