Sunday, 15 April 2012

sunday update 14

001. Yesterday was the best day ever! I still can't believe that I have the Chanel sunglasses and Micheal Kors watch. I feel now that it's better to save up and buy one quality thing, than buy tons of cheaper stuff. I'm so crap at savings.

002. I had received lovely items from MUA, soon I will review them on my blog. So watch out for that. From now on, on Friday I will do "things i want" post. BTW how do you like the new blog design? I done it myslef, took me around 7-8hours to make it the way I wanted, but I think it was worth the amount of time. I will soon add some more function to the blog. Thank you for helping me reach 200 followers, or even more! 30 of you on bloglovin and 25 on hellocotton.

003. I need to plan out my summer holiday, get my tickets. My friend will come over for a week (her first time in London) and then we will both fly together to Poland. This will probably happened at the end of July. I miss our summer house, my other bedroom. My Mum is also planning to go with me in May, only for weekend, she want to see hers Mother. We will see how everything would go. Time to go back to college tomorrow.



  1. You look lovely in this picure :) And the new layout is very nice xx

  2. Congrats on the number of your followers. :) Also, I really like your layout - it's so pink and girly! xx

  3. Love the new layout Angelica x

  4. Congrats on the 200 followers, now you have 1 more!

  5. You look stunning! And I love your sunglasses! xx

  6. Love the new blog design! Stunning photo :) xo

  7. I love this photo of you, you look very beautiful and I adore your make-up <3

  8. you look great!!!

    maybe we can follow each other!


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