Thursday, 19 April 2012

opi nail&cuticle replenishing oil

As I had nail polishes obsession, you may guess that I like painting my nails. I used to have nail polishes 24/7 on my nails (I did the change the colours every 2nd day).  Nail polishes didn't let my nails breathe, so my nails got drier and got very weaker. Then one day I just realised that I need to change something, so I stopped painting them so often and now I let them breathe. I did notice improvement in my nail condition, the OPI nail&cuticle replenishing oil had helped me too. At first I did apply it twice a day as recommended, but then I cut down to once a day. I do sometimes forget, but I try to remember to apply it. 
The smell is so nice, I love it on my nails. I never had bad cuticles, so that not the purpose I got this OPI oil to protect my nails, and help to stop the dryness. I must say it did add the shine back to my nails, as well as I find them stronger and they don't split any more. If you worried about the price, I would recommend to have a look at, as I got mine from there for £7.50. I must say that it's worth the money as it will last you for ever. I been using mine for around a month now and you can hardly notice that I used it.


  1. What a bargain. I tend to get quite dry cuticles and not even hand cream sorts them so this might be worth a try considering its from a good brand :-)


  2. I change my nail polish all the time...and have noticed a difference. Oh no! Good buy xx

  3. Very inspiring blog!!! Thx for stopping by... being in touch ;)

    xx alex


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