Thursday, 5 April 2012

natrual collection blush in peach melba

I never had really looked at the Natural Collection range properly, but now I decided to pay more attention to the drugstores brands. I'm not a really big blushers fan, as I don't need to wear them. From time to time, when I wear medium coverage foundation I just like to add some more colour to my cheeks.

The blush is not bad as I excepted, the pigmentation is pretty good. On my skin it last around 3-5 hours.  The blush doesn't contain any shimmer it's very matte. The colour is very peachy with brown undertone. Looks lovely on my pale completions. It can be a bit dry and chalky, so I like to spray MAC Fix+ Spray on top of it. I like to apply this blush with duo fibre brush (Sigma F50). If I  apply too much, I normally use a clean brush to blend it out.

I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging, as it's very easy to break. Overall the blush is pretty good. In my opinion it's worth giving it a chance, with this price tag you can't go wrong. I seen few people mention that this is a dupe of MAC Peach Melba blush, but I can't really say much on this, as I don't own MAC Peach Melba blush. Hopefully in future I will.



  1. I really like natural collection blushes, I've had pink cloud and it was great, this looks like a nice shade too xx

  2. i love the natural collection so much. i have been in londo a few times now and always bought something from this brand :)
    Nice blog by the way :-*

  3. I quite like this brand.. it's pretty cheap and cheerful!
    Although I haven't got any of their blushers.. Maybe worth a try :)
    LottieBot xx

  4. I really like your blog and this post! You are so pretty :)
    Going to read your old posts now!

    come check out mine?

  5. I adore this blush. My fav from NC.x

  6. OMG I love makeup too hahaha :D

  7. Aw I just bought this ! Glad you like it too ! xx

  8. I almost picked this up today! However picked up some other items from NC to try! :)


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