Monday, 2 April 2012

chanel illusion d'ombre in emerveille #82

This is such a gorgeous peachy champagne colour for every day wear, the colour  is suitable for every skin tone. In my opinion it looks very similar to Urban Decay Sin eyeshadow (you can find it in Naked 1 pallet), Sin always had been my favourite eyeshadow. Lily had mention that this eyeshadow reminds her of MAC All that Glitters personally, I think that MAC All That Glitters is slightly more brownish/orangish.

Formula of this eye shadows is very spongy almost mousse like, it does remind me of Maybelline Dream Mousse Eye Shadows, which I used to use back in the day. I just realised that they are discontinued, they had been really good! The  price tag was a lot smaller. I normally apply it with my finger, the brush which comes with it is also very nice, but the product won't be as pigmented as it is when you apply it with fingers. I tried to apply it with Sigma E25 (MAC 127) but it doesn't work that well with me. You can wear it all over the lid as one colour, or use it as a base. I like to wear it all over the lid and then I add a bit darker eyeshadow in the crease. What I like mostly about this eyeshadow is that it doesn't crease as well as it doesn't smudge. The packaging is really nice, looks lovely on the dressing table. 

This product is worth every penny, will last your for very long amount of time. I been using it for around 3 month now and you can hardly notice the usage. When I apply it in the morning it still on my eyelids in the evening, so the amount of time it last is really good. 



  1. It looks gorgeous :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. Sin is also my fave eyeshadow, ever! I'm going into town next week and will be picking up Emerveille with my Boots points :]

  3. This sounds great, such a beautiful colour xx

  4. This looks so gorgeous! Great review girl:) xx

  5. This is lovely, would love to try it one day x

  6. Ah, my friend has this, it's so pretty!! xx

  7. Nice review! Every girl should have a little Chanel in her life ;)

  8. Oh this looks amazing ! Such a shame it is so expensive ! xx

  9. lovely post & lovely blog xxx
    twitter- @adoramehitabel


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