Tuesday, 3 April 2012

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This is slightly different post than others. I always liked to find out, what other bloggers use to blog. I always had been a laptop girl, I went through 5 laptops so far. My first laptop was from Dell, around 8-10 years ago, then I got an upgrade to Sony (I received Sony after my dad, when he got himself new laptop). It was very similar to this one but it was white. One day someone had broken to our house and it got stolen (sad times). After 6 month I received HP, the worst laptops brand ever!. After a year of using it wouldn't charge, I kept on buying new chargers but nothing really helped. I got an replacement, and the same thing happened to it again.

 This pink baby was a Christmas gift which I received in 2010. It's still working really well! As you may notice on the last photo, it's has my name engraved! I love my parents for this lovely gift, I hope it will stay with me for couple more years. I hate getting new laptops, and moving/copying every files. The colour is lovely, back then I was stuck when choosing the right colour, I was thinking about purple or blue.

What do you use to blog? Do you like laptop to use laptop, or do you prefer to sit at a desk with standard computer?



  1. What a cute coloured computer!
    I feel the same about laptops they don't last long at all I've had about 3 so far.

    I use a Macbook pro now and it's nothing short of amazing, they seem to last a lot longer than other brands too.

    I'm always curious to see what everyone else uses as well


  2. I use a HP! I hope mine doesnt break like yours! Ive always got on with it really well and ive had it for just over a year now!

  3. This is such a cute laptop! I'm currently using a macbook but I find it can be a little small, would love to have a huge desktop to work on one day! x

  4. I'm also a huge laptop fan. Mine is Sony too! :)


  5. Aww this is a really different post, I love it :)
    I use a MacBook Pro and love it, so much faster and lighter than my old laptops!
    Your desk/dressing table is really cute too :)

  6. I've got a laptop too. I'm really not one for sitting down at a computer, especially when (like now) I have lazy days and can just lay in bed reading my favourite blogs - although I have got an ipad to do that too. I'm after a Macbook but while this one's still going well I'll stick with this. Your desk is so cute, I'd love to see a storage post if you haven't already done one! (I'm new to following you :)) xxx

  7. I love this white-pink order! :)

  8. nice blog :) we can follow if you want :)

  9. wooo... that's great! i like it :)

  10. such a beautuful computer! i love it ,

    i follow you,
    hope you can visit these blogs:))



  11. My computer died a couple of weeks ago and I'm currently blogging on my brother's MacBook. I'd like to get a laptop like yours, it looks so cute! xx

  12. Thanks for the lovely comment dear. I love your blog, I'm definitely following you. As for the laptop ordeal: I got one when I got into college and I've only had two so far. I started by having HP and my battery stopped working correctly. Now I have a Toshiba, it's tiny and I love it because it works well and barely weighs anything! I love your laptop though, it's so cute that it's customised just for you :)

    x Joana

  13. So that does it: HP clearly has some flaws to correct on its equipment. I'm never buying HP again. I still have that laptop and when it's turned out, it becomes really hot and the ventilation makes a racket but clearly doesn't work.

    I'd love to try having a MacBook someday :)


  14. your computer is pink! i'm jealous :)

  15. Such a cool laptop. I'm jealous of the colour!! I use the white 13" macbook which I love more than I should.x

  16. OMG PINK LAPTOP. Pretty much the coolest thing I have ever seen! I use a red Samsung laptop and I don't have a desk so all my computing is done lying down in bed haha.

  17. this is such a cute laptop! LOVE the color!



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