Monday, 16 April 2012

bioderma sensibio H2O


Bioderma is new hype around bloggers, I picked up mine on summer holiday last year. For two 250ml bottles I paid around £10, they were a multipack. At first I really didn't understand this product, what I mean by that is how do you actually use it. Whenever I wanted to remove my mascara it didn't work, but for the rest of the face it was amazing!  So I had love and hate relationship with it.

Once it got more popular around bloggers, I finally worked out how do you need to use it properly. You need to keep it on your eyelids for around a minute, then it will remove everything. What I normally do is wash my face with face wash. Then I will take a cotton pad, and wipe my whole face with it. If I still have some foundation marks on the cotton pad, then I use the other side and repeat. I normally remove my eye make-up before washing my face. Bioderma is unscented, but if you will keep on leaving it open it will start to smell weirdly. It's not oil-base. You don't need to rinsed it, that my favourite part. Some make-up removers even thought you don't have to rinse it, they can feel really heavy on the skin.

Overall I do think is good, but it's very difficult to get. It's worth trying. I will defiantly repurchase, when I'm on holiday, I will stock up. If you know anything similar to this please let me know. 


  1. This sounds really good, I need to finally try it ! xx

  2. I keep wanting to try this but right now it's just a little out of my budget. xo

  3. I would try this but is it oily? And is it hypoallergenic?

  4. I bloody love this stuff. I find that if you saturate the cotton pad and then fold in half and place eyelashes between and wiggle a little then it helps mascara just wipe away, even waterproof which is the only one I use :-)

  5. Heard some good things about it and want to try it now...oh well, another excuse to go on holiday ;) xx

  6. I've seen this around quite a lot and am desperate to try it because it sounds great! Wish it was easier to get! xx
    Dreams and Dresses

  7. I'm really interested in trying this, thanks for your review! <3

    Katharine from

  8. na ebay'u szukaj:) ja tam kupilam moja pierwsza bioderme:)jestem w trakcie testowania i bardzo ja lubie:)oby spisywala sie tak dobrze zawsze.


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