topshop cream blush in head over heels

Topshop make-up is amazing! It's affordable, as well as the quality is really good. I don't wear blushes on daily basic, as I don't really need them, my cheeks always had natural blush. When I use medium coverage foundation, then I will always add some colour to my cheeks. All Topshop make-up packaging is so lovely, it's simple but very adorable. Wish most high street make-up brands had such a nice packaging.

The blush is very creamy and easy to blend. I love to use Real Techniques Stippling brush, I tried to apply it with fingers, but it didn't work as well as using a brush. Head over Heels is a coral blush, peachy pink. It's has a matte finish, once it dries on your skin. The blush is well pigmented, so a little will go long way. I normally press my brush really lightly, and then I build up the colour. The blush last around 5-6 hours, which I think it's a fair amount of time. This blush will be amazing for summer.

One negative that I have to say about this, is the fact that when you use a brush it will leave dust/small hair on it. I love the small mirror, I find products with mirrors very handy. I will defiantly pick up more Topshop Cream blushes.

sunday portrait 16
001.  I would like to Thank you! All of you are amazing. I'm shocked that so many of you like my blog. Thank you once again. Whenever someone leaves a comment I always try to reply as well as I always visit your blog.
002. Can't believe that I been 18 for a week now. I feel like it's been forever. Last night I been thinking about a tattoo or surface piercing at the back of my neck. Not sure yet what I really want. Soon you will see a change with my hair, I'm going to do something different, I can't stand my horrible hair cut!

003. My deadline for photography course is having a deadline in two weeks, so I need to push myslef to work and produce some more work. Wish the weather could improve so I could grab more photos, for the examination unit. I finally got the final piece printed. So everything is going pretty well so far. 

004. No money for me until payday. Recently I had spend too much money! Mostly my Birthday money on food. I didn't yet get anything for my birthday, okay I did pick up some make-up. On the good side I have some more money saved for my holiday, can't wait till July! Will book my ticket in 2 weeks time. 

005. I finally got into watching Made in Chelsea and  I love it so far. Got through Season 1, Millie is so pretty! Rosie is a bitch in my opinion, Hugo is good looking. I'm not sure what I like more TOWIE or MIC.What about you? 

006. I'm going to be at #LONDONCOFFEEBLOGGERMEET if you in London you should pop down, you can find more information here. I can't wait to meet new people. Hope the weather would be really nice. I also had ordered new business cards, from
alexandra burke for mua lip boom
MAKE UP ACADEMY (MUA) LIP BOOM IN CHEEKY!, OKAY.COM, DOIN' GOOD £3* (I will add the Doin' Good swatches later on)

Recently MUA and Alexandra Burke have collaborated and designed the 'Lip Booms'. They had created 8 different shades, which had been chosen by Alexandra. The Lip Booms are 4 in 1, which is very handy, if you want to create different looks using one product. The looks you can actually create are (1) Lipstick alone for a matte look. (2) Lipstick with highlighter applied just to the centre of your lips to create a full volume illusion. (3) Lipstick with highlighter all over for a super-glossy look.  (4) Highlighter alone for a sheer pearl finish. This is also the way I done my swatches and the way I had numbered them. 

The lipstick are matte and I must mention that they have very creamy formula, it's also really nicely pigmented. They don't dry out my lips, as well as they don't get into the fine lines. I'm not sure about people who have dry lips, as mine are normal. The lipgloss smells amazing! The smell reminds me of the Lancome Juicy Tubes. Lipgloss isn't sticky, but I find the glitter particles a bit to big for my liking. My favourite colour is the Pale Pink "Cheeky". The packaging isn't amazing, but I still find it very handy. You can also swap the colours of your lipgloss, but adding a different lipstick on top. 

Overall I do think that the lipsticks are worth the £3. I'm sure that all of you will find a perfect colour. I like to wear the lipstick with a bit of lipgloss. By the way I wanted to apologize for the way my skin looks, I think you all know the London weather now, the lighting in my room kept on changing.

things i want 07

I'm really into hair care before summer. I'm even planning to do something new with my hair. So bored of my blonde outgrowing highlights. I will soon let you know more details on that. I love everything that smells of Oatmeal and Honey, so the Tigi catwalk conditioner will be delicious. My hair turn into dry mess in summer, so the moisturising spray would be amazing for warmer days. Topshop added new lipstick colour, which looks really nice. I herd so many good things about Topshop nail polishes and I must admit that I never tried any.
foundation collection

Foundations always been something that I loved to test. I went through so many, when I don't like it I will normally give it to my mum or friend. In most foundations I'm always the lightest shade. In winter I like medium coverage foundations and in summer I normally go for light coverage or I don't wear it at all.

Estee Lauder Double Wear in 1N1 ECRU:  This is medium coverage foundation, but for me it almost full coverage. If I wear it all over my face, I find it a bit cakey. So I normally apply it only to my cheeks, so the pinky cheeks would be covered. I also bought a MAC pump, so I won't waste lot of the product. Overall it's very good foundation. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10: Water based foundation, I must say it's amazing for summer, and when my skin is feeling a bit dry.  The coverage is light, but you can build it up. This foundation also smells really nice. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in NC15: The worst expensive foundation I ever tried! After 15min it will turn orange on me. Applying is very difficult. The consistency is very thick. It also breaks me out.

MAC Pro Longwear in NC15: This is pretty good foundation from MAC. It's medium coverage and long lasting. I love to mix this with Revlon Photoready.

Revlon Photoready 002 Vanilla: My favourite foundation of all time! Light coverage, it does contain  some shimmer, but I don't mind it. What I love this foundation mostly for is the colour match.

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory: I have no idea why did I love this foundation, the lightest colour is still to dark for me. This is my third bottle. I like the finish, and the way you apply it, but I still not sure why did I buy it so many times. 

garnier refreshing toner

Garnier always had been my favourite company for the scent. I find the scent very fresh. When I was younger I always had Garnier or L'Oreal face wash. When buying this product I had decided to try out the whole range, the Day Cream and Face wash. I loved the cream will defiantly repurchase, as I had run out. The Face wash is okay, but it's nothing amazing.

I mostly love this product for the smell, my skin feels really fresh after using this. As it's a toner it won't remove your make-up completely. You should normally use a toner after cleansing your face. I like to use it in the morning to refresh my face.  It's absorbs to the skin very fast, so you can apply face cream straight after using this. It won't leave your skin with shines. It does contain perfume, so you need to be careful about that, as I'm aware perfume ingredient may break you out. This product didn't break me out.

Would I repurchase this? Maybe, but for now I won't, I have to many products that need using up before I will be able to buy something new. Overall I do think it good, the price isn't that bad. This toner has last me for around 2 months.
it's my 18th birthday

I can't believe that I turned 18 today! The time had flies so fast. Thank you for Birthday wishes on my Sunday Update post, you all are lovely. This means so much to me, I'm really excited at the same time, but also unhappy as I'm getting older. Thank you once again.
montagne jeunesse skin heroes face mask range

Montagne Jeunesse has launched new range of face masks called "Skin Heroes". The range is amazing if you need to deal with a certain problem. In the Skin Heroes range you can find mask  like "Shine Control", "Dry Skin", "Break Out", "T-zone Peel Off" "De-Clog Pores", all mask retail at £1.49. All the masks have  2 sections, with one being the mask and the second being a moisturiser. I always really liked Montagne Jeunesse face mask, I think they have pretty large range. My favourite one will always be Dark Chocolate Deep Cleansing mud mask, the smell is amazing!

I was really excited to try out the "break out" mask. As I'm suffering with a bad break out around my chin.  This mask contains Tea Tree...It's smells like peppermint, the smell is very pleasant. After around 5 minutes the mask turns hard, as it's an mud mask, it's quite difficult to do any face expression, speak or smile. The mask itslef is very cooling and relaxing. I would say it's good to apply it a day before an event. I must also say that I'm impressed with the results. My face is really smooth and I must say that my pimples had dried out. It also had de-clogged most of my pores, which showed up after using silicone based primer. The cream is also very cooling. 

The De-Clogg Pores is another product, which I was really excited to try out. This contains natural citrus,  which are great to unblock the pores. I first had cleansed my face and then I had wetted my nose a bit, so the strip would attach to my nose. I kept it on for around 20 minutes, and while taking it off you can see the dirt which had been pulled out. I'm really impressed. Normally this type of product are around £3-£5 price range, but you can get these for £1.49. The pack would come with 3 strips. I can't wait to try out the rest of the masks.

I only have one negative thing to mention about these Montagne Jeunesse masks, I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging as I think there is too much going on, but overall all masks do their job. The price is great! What I also like about the mask that the brand mostly use natural ingredients, as well as the face masks are suitable for vegetarians. The Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes are now available in Asda as well as on their website.  

sunday portrait 15
 001. On Wednesday I went to Central London to snap some street style photos for my photography work. Wish the weather was a lot better, but I did managed to get some nice shots. I will probably use them for my final piece. I finally started to work to do some work on my final exam unit. We had around 3-4 weeks left. This time I had chosen to do Transport and Travelling as I'm tired of shooting people.

002.  On Friday I had drafted many post, I mostly had added photos, hopefully I will add the text soon, so I could publish them. BTW I haven't been shopping for 1 week now, so proud of myslef. If you don't know I'm on a spending ban. I will need to book an appointment to an option as they had sent me letter. Otherwise they will stop sending my contact lenses if I don't check my sight.

003. Tomorrow I'm turning 18. I don't really feel like grown up. I didn't plan to do anything for my birthday, as I don't normally celebrate them. As well as some of my friends are still 17 so we won't be able to go out anywhere yet. I will defiantly have lots of fun over summer. Need to finally book my summer holiday tickets.

004. The end of May and beginning of June will be very busy days for me. I will soon let you know more details on that. It's going to be something very exciting. I really can't wait. As well as I hope the weather will improve buy that time. I'm actually missing the sun, I'm more of an winter girl, but I still do like the sun.

005. I had been thinking of buying Mac book, as I really wanted one for ages, but I can't afford it at this moment. I also had been thinking about upgrading my camera, as I keep on having an issue with this one. Need to take it somewhere to get it fix. When I take photos sometimes there is an Error 01 showing up. Did any of you ever had a problem like this? I read online and apparently what you need to do is give the sensor a good clean. I'm not going to do that by myslef, so I found this company which will do it on the same day, if they aren't busy.  Need to take it to them.
ysl rouge pur couture lipstick rose libertin #26

Another YSL baby of mine. I must admit that most of my high end make-up is from YSL. I have 4 things from their collection. Most of YSL lipsticks are amazing! I had picked up this lipstick from, so I got it cheaper. The YSL counters are really dangerous for me, as I always want everything.

The lipstick is very moisturising, doesn't dry out the lips. The lipstick is very smooth on the lips, what I love the most about it, is that they won't go into the lines on your lips. I don't have dry lips, but some lipstick would just collect in the fine lines during the day. The lipstick also have SPF 15, great for summer.  The shade is pink with blue undertones, the pigmentation is really good.  I get around 2-3 hours of wear.  To me the lipstick smells of rose and champagne. I love most pink lipstick, I'm not really a nude lover on the lips. I love the way this lipstick looks on me. BTW I'm aware that on the first photo I look like I'm wearing to much bronzer.

The packaging is gold, that makes the lipstick look even more luxuriously. I like the YSL logo on the actual lipstick. The only downside for the packaging is that it will leave finger marks on. Overall I love this lipstick, I will definitely pick up more colours, need to do research on what shade I would like. For now I'm not allowed to buy any make up that I don't need.
things i want 06

As I had treated myself last Saturday, I have spending ban! At the end of July I'm going on holiday, so I need to save. That won't stop me from creating a wishlist.  I haven't been buying many make-up items recently, buyapowa doesn't count *yeahyeah*. I'm running out of all my face cleansers, I have 2 more left, I normally use 5 at the same time. The Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil is something that I wanted to try out for a while. It's pricey. The Bourjois nail polish haven't launch yet, but I can't wait. Maybe this will be more friendly to remove glitter nail polish. Okay the shoes, I like walking in comfortable shoes. I love heels, but I can't walk in them. I need new belt for jeans. Again I love this River Island bag, I might get it as it will be amazing for college etc. The top is very pretty, I love the colour.

opi nail&cuticle replenishing oil

As I had nail polishes obsession, you may guess that I like painting my nails. I used to have nail polishes 24/7 on my nails (I did the change the colours every 2nd day).  Nail polishes didn't let my nails breathe, so my nails got drier and got very weaker. Then one day I just realised that I need to change something, so I stopped painting them so often and now I let them breathe. I did notice improvement in my nail condition, the OPI nail&cuticle replenishing oil had helped me too. At first I did apply it twice a day as recommended, but then I cut down to once a day. I do sometimes forget, but I try to remember to apply it. 
The smell is so nice, I love it on my nails. I never had bad cuticles, so that not the purpose I got this OPI oil to protect my nails, and help to stop the dryness. I must say it did add the shine back to my nails, as well as I find them stronger and they don't split any more. If you worried about the price, I would recommend to have a look at, as I got mine from there for £7.50. I must say that it's worth the money as it will last you for ever. I been using mine for around a month now and you can hardly notice that I used it.
mua pretty pastel palette

Recently I done a post on the MUA Heaven&Earth palette and I must say that Pretty Pastel is another palette which has impressed me. You probably all know that this season Pastel are really big trend, not only pastel colours on clothes are on top, but also make-up wise. On Sunday I had been playing around with Pretty Pastels palette, trying out different looks, I even used one on my Sunday Update post.

The colours are pigmented, easy to blend out. You can easily build up the eye shadow, to get  richer pigmentation.  The palette contains mix of bright and nude pastel shades. When I first had a look at this palette, I thought that it's matte, but once you swatch it, you will notice shimmer. The shimmer is very wearable during the day. The lasting is pretty good, around 6-7hours (I don't have oily lids). It didn't crease. If you pick up to much product on the brush there may be some fall out.

You can create many great combinations. I love lilac and the minty green together. Pink and lilac another good combination. Four years ago, I always had worn pink eyeshadow(probably because I only owned pink eyeshadow). Now I'm more of a neutral colours lover, but I do find some of the shades in this palette which I probably will wear. Overall I do think this is great palette. With the price you can't go wrong, worth giving it a try.