Thursday, 22 March 2012

VO5 miracle concentrate elixir hair oil


My hair are very dry, so are my scalps (if you know any good shampoo for dry scalps, let me know). I always liked to try out new hair oils/serums and I had chance to try put many from different brands. John Frida and L'Oreal has the best hair oils/serums. I normally apply the VO5 elixir on wet hair, and then on next day re-apply it. It doesn't weight the hair down, leaves them feeling very smooth.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir is a good product if you want your hair to be left shiny and smooth, but if you looking for something that will help your dry ends, this doesn't help. If you wash it out, your hair will be back to the way their were before. I'm almost half way through this bottle and I feel like my hair are getting more drier. I'm a bit unsure if it because of using this too often or is it because of my conditioner. What I mostly love about it is the bottle, so easy to use. What puts me of it's the smell, I'm not the biggest fan.

Overall it's pretty good, but you can't except much from this. Most people really like it, so there might be something with my hair. Worth giving it a go. I really need to finally visit a hairdresser, I been to one almost 2 year ago.



  1. when i was younger i had avery dry scalp. I just used head and shoulders and it was grand (: I had considered buying this for my dry ends but maybe not now .x

  2. I'll give this a go when I run out of my moroccan oil!


  3. i've not been to a hair dresser for a year and then i went and cut lots of my hair off unfortunately, thought it mad my hair looking so much healtjier..)) so i'd rather go more often and do regular trims :)


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