Monday, 12 March 2012

URBAN DECAY brow box

I never used to take much care of my brows, I only get them waxed. When I don't have time to pop into a beauty salon to get them waxed, I will pluck them myself. My eyebrows are very light, so it's difficult to notice if I don't pluck/wax them. Normally I try to fill them in everyday, but this is something I like to skip.

I own three eyebrow kits, the HD pallet from GlossyBox, Gosh brow kit and the Urban Decay Brow Box. I got this pallet with a discount from I like to use powder shadows, to fill in my eyebrows. Most of eyebrow pencils are too red/orange tone for me. If you apply too much the effect would be very unnatural. Urban Decay Brow Box comes in 2 shades, honey pot and brown sugar. Honey Pot is a lot lighter great for blonde/brunettes. When filling in my brows I use the colour on the left as it's a bit darker, I first dip my brush in wax and then I apply the powder shadow. You can also mix two colours, to get more natural colour. Pigmentation of the brow shadows are really good, you can also use it, as an eyeshadow.  The brush which comes with it, is very useful when you travelling, so is the mini tweezers. I just find them a bit difficult to use, as you need to press them really hard, as well as they are a bit too small. The wax formula is very good, as it not as sticky as most wax can be.

It's not the cheapest eye brow kit, but I think this is totally worth the price. The quality is very good, as well as the packaging is very nice. I love Urban Decay products, they never let me down. I would recommend you to check out as this often is on the offer. This won't let you down, I promise you.



  1. I use this too its a handy little thing although I have been alternating between MAC's Espresso and Cliniques superfine liner for brows. I am so fickle I can never stick to one brand/product x

  2. Oooh, this is pretty awesome! I'll have to give it a try, for sure!

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  3. I used this for years until I got my HD brows kit but once I am done with that I will for sure go back to this, its one of my favourite brow kits ever! xxx

  4. I'd like to treat myself to a high end eyebrow kit, some of the cheaper brand have very orangey undertones in the browns which looks horrible on me!

  5. I cannot powder my eyebrows to save my life ! Glad you found a product you liked ! xx

  6. I'm really bad at taking care of my brows, they seem so difficult to maintain. But this looks good xx

  7. eyebrows are my love! i have a post on my own brow routine xx


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