Sunday, 11 March 2012

sunday update 9

001 This weekend was shopping free. As I don't have much money left, until next pay. I just realised we have 3 month till summer and I had to save up. I'm going on holiday to Poland (we have summer house  down there). I miss my other bedroom, planning to re decorate it. 

002 Yesterday I had showed you my make-up storage and lots of you said that I own a lot of make up. I did used to think that, but my draw is very small it's 130x70 I think. I'm not planning to buy more until I will use up the oldest make up. I also had the most views yesterday, thank you.

003 I finally done big cleaning in my bedroom. I had organised everything, but I still left my wardrobe, it's so messy inside. I'm trying to catch up with photography work. As I need to give it in on Tuesday. All I have to do is finish is annotating. I can do that if I will stop being lazy!


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