Sunday, 18 March 2012

sunday update 10

001 I been really liking the new shop collections! I'm in love with mint colour. I saw really nice bags in Topshop, might buy one in mint. River Island  have pretty nice collection. I need more money, as I'm saving certain amount of my earrings for my holiday and new car. 

002 I'm currently watching my favourite TV shows, while waiting for #bbloggers chat. Does any of you actually take part in it? I really like it, as I can learn new tricks and have fun chat with other bloggers. 

003 I finally need to start healthy eating and do exercise, will need to buy new swimming costume as I'm planning to start swimming. I always loved swimming, more than any other exercise. I might also start going to gym, few years back I used to love going gym.



  1. I'd love to go swimming...but I'd have to lose a bit of weight before I go lol

  2. Need to join you on the gym visit! Lovely lipstick xx


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