Thursday, 1 March 2012

march beauty wishlist

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001 I heard way to many goods about it! I need to fake tan my neck as it's almost white, and there is always big difference in toning when I apply the lightest foundation. I'm really into tan look this summer. Clarins Liquid Self Tanning would be amazing!

002 As summer is approaching really fast, I'm more into light coverage foundations or I just don't wear foundation at all. I wanted to try out this Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, but the price always puts me off.

003 Mac Face&Body foundation is something that I wanted for a while! I also think this will be great for summer. Can't wait for my next trip to MAC to get colour match.

004/5 Real Techniques Brushes are something that I wanted to try out for a while now. I think I will finally buy these two.

006 You may know this buy now, I'm obsessed with bright pink lipsticks. So I can't wait to get this lipstick, when it would launch the shops.



  1. I recommend the Viva Glam Nicki - here's my post on it -

  2. I really want the Real Techniques Stippling brush, looked in a couple of boots stores and its sold out everywhere :( x

  3. Good picks! I really want to try the viva glam nicki color!

  4. Love the lip color!

  5. Great lip color choice!

  6. i love the pink lipstick!

  7. love your wishlist! everything is what i would want, too. haha

  8. I brought Viva Glam Nicki earlier and I was amazed with just the swatch on my hand!!! It's such a gorgeous colour I 110% recommend! Love you blog beaut :)

    Hannah xoxo

  9. I really want to get some of the Real Techniques brushes too! I just need to get out of town to get to a larger Boots! x

  10. i'm so excited for the new viva glam lipstick! (probably a little bit too excited, haha) love your blog :) following!


  11. i am loving my real techniques brushes! the blush brush is definitely worth it!!!

  12. I really want to try Face and Body. I have the Laura Mercier one and loved it at first, but now i prefer my BB creams as they have more coverage :)



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