BURNINGBLONDE how does my room smell

BURNINGBLONDE how does my room smell


I never knew that taking photo at night will be such a difficult task. This post will be a bit different than others, I just really felt like writing a post about the smell of my room. At night I really like to burn a candle to make my room smell nice, before I go to sleep. I never really got the hype from bloggers about Yankee Candles, until I had a chance to try one out. I wasn't happy about the price to be honest, but I now must say they are worth the price! 

When I was inside the shop I was a bit overwhelmed with all the scents, I couldn't decide what I really wanted. So I played safe and picked up Christmas Rose, if you don't know yet, I love everything that smells of roses! The scent makes my bedroom smell of fresh roses. I must also mention that the smell last for a very long amount of time, I normally burn my candle for around 1-2 hours every other day. The room will smell great when I wake up, sometimes the smell also goes on my clothes. I really want to pick up Vanilla Cupcake next, even though it's sweet and I'm not the biggest fan of sweet scents. There is something that I really liked about Vanilla Cupcake.

Just wanted to mention that when you blow the candle off, it doesn't leave your room with this bad smell, like some other candles do (for example ikea candles). Not sure how to describe that smell. Have you tried Yankee Candles before? If yes which one is your favourite?

  1. i think it's too expensive :)

    1. So did I, but when you think about it it's burns for 60-90hours, it's not that bad. x

  2. The photo looks really good :) I want to buy a yankee candle (all the other 'scented' candles I have don't really make the room smell) but those I had sniffed so far don't seem too good! Can you recommend any? xx


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