Friday, 23 March 2012

BENEFIT sharpener


Some of my pencils are very big and they just won't fit into any sharpeners, so I needed a sharpener which will be able to fit in jumbo pencils, I had a look at what brands are offering, and this benefit one look really good, as well as it wasn't over priced, as most of their products are. I must say it's pretty good, does the job. It may get a bit difficult with softer pencils, but overall it's pretty good. As well as it's has an adapter to fit in Benefit High Brow pencil. I don't think there is anything else that I can to say about this sharpener. I will recommend if you need something for bigger/jumbo pencils. 



  1. Great recommendation! I'm a NYX Jumbo Pencil lover but have trouble finding sharpeners that will fit properly. And for £4, it'd be the cheapest addition to my benefit collection! ;)



  2. Ooh I do really want a new sharpener, and for £4? Bargain! x


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