BURNINGBLONDE how does my room smell

I never knew that taking photo at night will be such a difficult task. This post will be a bit different than others, I just really felt like writing a post about the smell of my room. At night I really like to burn a candle to make my room smell nice, before I go to sleep. I never really got the hype from bloggers about Yankee Candles, until I had a chance to try one out. I wasn't happy about the price to be honest, but I now must say they are worth the price! 

When I was inside the shop I was a bit overwhelmed with all the scents, I couldn't decide what I really wanted. So I played safe and picked up Christmas Rose, if you don't know yet, I love everything that smells of roses! The scent makes my bedroom smell of fresh roses. I must also mention that the smell last for a very long amount of time, I normally burn my candle for around 1-2 hours every other day. The room will smell great when I wake up, sometimes the smell also goes on my clothes. I really want to pick up Vanilla Cupcake next, even though it's sweet and I'm not the biggest fan of sweet scents. There is something that I really liked about Vanilla Cupcake.

Just wanted to mention that when you blow the candle off, it doesn't leave your room with this bad smell, like some other candles do (for example ikea candles). Not sure how to describe that smell. Have you tried Yankee Candles before? If yes which one is your favourite?

ORIGINS super spot remover


Around 3 month ago I had really bad break outs, the spots wouldn't go away within weeks. So I been looking for a good spot remover.  I heard a lot of goods about this products before, so I decided to give it a go. When I saw it in store I couldn't believe, that the bottle is so small. The price is pretty high, but this little bottle will last your forever.I never really believe in this sort of "miracle" products, but I must say that this one work!

I normally apply it at night, so in the morning the spot will be less visible or no longer there. I like to use a cotton bud stick to apply the spot remover. So I would apply this directly on the spot and it won't touch much of the skin around the spot and I won't be left with flaky/dry skin. I like the cooling effect it's leaves. I tried using it during the day, but that just doesn't work for me. This contains Salicylic Acid, Caffeine and Red Algae,which helps the spot/blemish heal faster.

Overall this is really good product, if nothing else works for you, then you should give this a go. This product has really impressed me and I can proudly say this is my holy grail product. Do you use any similar products? If yes does any of them actually work for you?

TOP 5 summer nail polishes

L-R Barry M 305 Pink Flamingo (£2.99), Barry M 318 Peach Melba (£2.99), Model Own Pastel Pink (£5), Model Own Lilac Dream (£5), Revlon Tropical Temptation (£7.99) 
NARS bronzer laguna

NARS BRONZER  "LAGUNA" £24 (This is on buyapowa now for £17.50)

My first product from Nars, I'm really liking/wanting most of Nars products. Can't wait to buy more, but I'm not going to lie, they are expensive. I'm planning to get some lip product next, I was also thinking of trying out their foundation. I would recommend you to look at Asos, as they have student discount offers, so you can get the product for slightly cheaper.

The best bronzer for pale skin and I tried a fair amount (if you know anything better than this please recommend). I never really liked using bronzer as it always made me look orange. Most drugstore bronzers are very orange/red in my opinion.  I have very round face, so I use the bronzer to contour, to make my face more defined. This bronzer does has a bit of shimmer, but it's very wearable during the day. I also heard that one you get through the top layer, rest of the powder would be matte. It's unscented. The bronzer also have nice large mirror, which is great for when you are travelling.

Nars Laguna Bronzer is expensive, but very worth the price!  You will have great use out of it, I had mine for over 1,5month and you can hardly notice the usage. I use mine every single day. The packaging is also very nice, although if you touch it with dirty hands, marks will be left. I normally use a wet tissue to remove any marks.

TOPSHOP lip stick in powder room

I really became obsessed with Topshop make-up and from time to time I spoil myself with it. Few weeks back I saw Lip Stick in Coy and they didn't had any other colours, but once I went back again they had four different shades. I saw a review of this on Lily blog and I loved the way it looked on her. She also mention that this is almost like cheaper version of the Nars Lip Stick (of course I also want to try out the Nars Lip Stick, but never have a chance to buy them).

This is a matte lip stick. I never really liked anything that was matte, but now I'm obsessed with matte. When you apply it to the lips the formula is very creamy, but after a while you lips become very dry almost chalky like, so I would recommend using lip balm underneath. If you have very dry lips I won't recommend this to you, unless you would wear a lip-gloss on top. The colour on me looks like pale baby pink, great for everyday wear. 

I'm also going to do a review of Coy Lip Stick next week, so watch out for that. Is there anything else you would like me to review, because I feel like I focus on Lip products a bit too much. I still got around eight other lipsticks review that will soon come up. Would you like to see any skincare reviews?

THE BODY SHOP honey&oat 3in1 scrub mask

The Body shop has really nice range of products, I always like to pick up new stuff from them. I'm very loyal to their body butters and shower gels. They are amazing, and they also smell fab! My bathroom is full of their products, as I normally shop there when they have offers.

The Honey and Oat Scrub Mask smell delicious, the scrub is very gentle, great for sensitive skin. The effect isn't amazing, it's very hard to notice, but I love it for the smell. It may leave your with soft face, but that will last until next face wash. You apply it for around 5-10 minutes, I normally had mine on for around 20min. Doesn't irritate at all. It doesn't turn hard, the formula very creamy. You shouldn't use it on you eyes. I once did and I had very foggy view.

For the price I wouldn't recommend getting it, but if you have a chance to get it for cheaper go for it. It may work for you, for reference I have combination/sensitive skin.

sunday update #11

001 Just wanted to thank you for all new followers. You all are lovely! I had recently unfollow blogs that no longer are available, just to follow more lovely bloggers. As you may notice I also had singed up for HelloCotton, so you can also follow me on there.

002 I finally decided to have a look at cheaper brands and I had fallen in love with Collection 2000. I  bought an lip linear from 17, but it's pretty crap. MUA has really nice range of make-up, so does sleek. Would recommend to take you time and have a look. I also been haunting down for Revlon Lip Balm, but I can't find them anywhere. I'm looking for a good skincare range, any recommendations?

003 Yesterday I done big clear out in my bedroom, spring cleaning. All clothes had been organised, so did my make-up, lots of stuff had been thrown away. I now follow a rule "If you don't use/wear it then throw away". What the point of keeping stuff if you don't like it?
BLUSH collection


I had mention in few posts that I'm not the biggest blush fan. I can easily go with out it as my cheeks are naturally very pink, even foundation can't cover it up sometimes. There are only 4 blushers in my collection. Just right amount, I still want two more from MAC Harmony&Peach Melba (will pick them up on airport, to save some money).

No pink for me, having pinky cheeks means no more pinks on my cheeks. I like to go for brownish/orangish blushers more. My favourite blushers is Estee Lauder in True Sand, never thought that I will even look at Estee Lauder blushers, I just went to get colour match with EL Double Wear foundation and she also tried this blusher on me. I fell in love. The MAC MSF blushers/highlighters are from the Naturally Collection, I really like both. Redhead is more suitable for my completions. I heard many goods about Natural Collection blushers so I decided to give a go to Peach Melba and I must say it's amazing! The pigmentation is really nice, as well as the colour looks really nice on me.

I hope you like my small collection of blushers. I'm planning to show you my foundations collection soon. Is there anything you will recommend to me? Tomorrow I will take pictures of swatches so I could do lots of reviews. Thanks for following my blog.

BENEFIT sharpener

Some of my pencils are very big and they just won't fit into any sharpeners, so I needed a sharpener which will be able to fit in jumbo pencils, I had a look at what brands are offering, and this benefit one look really good, as well as it wasn't over priced, as most of their products are. I must say it's pretty good, does the job. It may get a bit difficult with softer pencils, but overall it's pretty good. As well as it's has an adapter to fit in Benefit High Brow pencil. I don't think there is anything else that I can to say about this sharpener. I will recommend if you need something for bigger/jumbo pencils. 

VO5 miracle concentrate elixir hair oil


My hair are very dry, so are my scalps (if you know any good shampoo for dry scalps, let me know). I always liked to try out new hair oils/serums and I had chance to try put many from different brands. John Frida and L'Oreal has the best hair oils/serums. I normally apply the VO5 elixir on wet hair, and then on next day re-apply it. It doesn't weight the hair down, leaves them feeling very smooth.

VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir is a good product if you want your hair to be left shiny and smooth, but if you looking for something that will help your dry ends, this doesn't help. If you wash it out, your hair will be back to the way their were before. I'm almost half way through this bottle and I feel like my hair are getting more drier. I'm a bit unsure if it because of using this too often or is it because of my conditioner. What I mostly love about it is the bottle, so easy to use. What puts me of it's the smell, I'm not the biggest fan.

Overall it's pretty good, but you can't except much from this. Most people really like it, so there might be something with my hair. Worth giving it a go. I really need to finally visit a hairdresser, I been to one almost 2 year ago.

pay day wants

1 2 3

001 Such a nice shoes, I'm obsessed with flats, as summer is approaching they will be great to wear everyday. These flats looks amazing, and they have skulls all over. 

002 I really need new make-up bag, I really like the colour of these one, as well as the it's has studs. Will look so nice on my dressing table. 

003 I'm really obsessed with tops at the moment, as I wear jeans all the time. I'm really into shirts now as well.

TAG: Nail Polish Obsessions

Nail polishes, is that something new to me? I became obsessed with nails for about a year now. I always have a colour on my mind and kept looking until I found it. I think I own fair amount of nail polishes and I don't need any more so I don't buy them. Unless there is a nice colour and it's going to be Limited Edition. 

1. What's your favourite nail polish company? I like Revlon and OPI. Both have nice selection of colours and they can last for around 3+ days.

2. Glitter or not glitter? I love glitter nails, but what's really annoys me, is removing them! Such a difficult job. Any tips to make it a lot easier?

3. OPI, China Glaze or Essie? I can't really say much about China Glaze or Essie because I had never tried any of their nail polishes before. I'm planning to try out Essie. I love OPI nail polishes, they have amazing colour range as well as names.

4. How often do you change your nail polish? 2-3 times a week, but recently I had given my nails some break, so I wasn't wearing any nail polish. I also had been trying out the OPI nail envy.

5. What's your favourite colour on your nails? I like bright colours, mostly corals and pinks, but sometimes I just love to wear nudes and browns. I like BarryM Pink Flamingo, OPI SweetHeart I had run out of this nail polish.

6 Darks or Brights? I like darks during winter and bright in summer.

7. What are you wearing on your nails right at this moment? Revlon Tropical Temptation 093 and Jessica Silver 601 as a top coat.

8. Matte Nails In or Out? I don't like this trend, I had tried it and I'm really not into it, some people can pull it of, but I can't.

9. French Manicure? I love it, wish I was pretty good at it, so I could wear it everyday.

10. Favourite Winter Colour? I love Barry M Navy 292, such a nice shimmery navy blue. I'm really into dark colour during winter. 

 I tag: TERRI, SANDRA  and any one else who want to do this tag.

sunday update 10

001 I been really liking the new shop collections! I'm in love with mint colour. I saw really nice bags in Topshop, might buy one in mint. River Island  have pretty nice collection. I need more money, as I'm saving certain amount of my earrings for my holiday and new car. 

002 I'm currently watching my favourite TV shows, while waiting for #bbloggers chat. Does any of you actually take part in it? I really like it, as I can learn new tricks and have fun chat with other bloggers. 

003 I finally need to start healthy eating and do exercise, will need to buy new swimming costume as I'm planning to start swimming. I always loved swimming, more than any other exercise. I might also start going to gym, few years back I used to love going gym.

MAC viva glam nicki lipstick

First of all I just wanted to apologise for the quality of the pictures, but I'm having trouble with my camera. I was really excited when I saw reviews on this lipstick, the colour looked so nice and even better in person.  MAC Viva Glam Nicki has such a nice bright bold colour. I always liked bright Barbie pinks on my lips. MAC Viva Glam Nicki is a bright mid toned pink with a yellow undertone. That's what makes the lipstick more coral pink. It's very pigmented. The finish of this lipstick is stain, but it's very creamy comparing to other stains finishes. If you have dry lips, this may highlight fine lines. If you use a lip balm before then you will be fine with it.  I will probably buy another tube of this lipstick, as I do love the colour I will wear it a lot during summer. As well as the money will be donated to charity, so I'm not doing anything bad buying exactly the same lipstick? I wish the lipgloss was in colour, as I'm not going to pay so much money for something that is clear. Overall this lipstick is very nice against my pale skin, wish it wasn't Limited Edition, so I could get it any time I run out.

MARCH GLOSSY BOX harrods edition


If you didn't notice I had unsubscribed from GlossyBox a while ago.I normally subscribe to Limited Edition boxes, but I think I will no longer do that. Some of you may already notice, that few bloggers get their box earlier, so you can spoil yourself and check out what will be in the beauty box. When I saw all the stuff in the Harrods Edition beauty box, my jaw dropped. As the box contain many high end products samples.

When my box has arrived, I was very excited. As soon as I opened it, I was pretty disappointed with it. I wasn't amazed with the stuff I got, but I still like some. I really wanted to try out the Burberry Lipstick and few other product. I received the Lancome Juicy tube, I'm not the biggest fan of lip-glosses as my hair always get stuck in it. The colour is very nice. Bliss Body Butter smells so bad! Some people may like it, but I just don't.

I do like Versace perfumes, mostly the Bright Crystal, this one smells quite nice. I really like the cute bottle. ReVive face cream is pretty good for the upcoming warmer days, as it's contains SPF 30. I'm also shocked with the price, the full size cream cost £235!  Clarins body cream will also be very useful to start summer season. I do like Clarins skincare range. I just don't understand one thing, why would you put two body creams into one box?

VICHY PURETE THERMAL sensitive eyes make-up remover


Taking my eye make-up off is very difficult for me, as my eyes are very sensitive. I tried many eye removers but none of them seem to be perfect. I liked (managed to finish it) the Vichy Purete Thermal sensitive eyes make-up remover, but I didn't feel like it actually had removed my eye make-up fully. I normally remove my eye make-up first and then I wash my face with face gel/soap. As soon as I splash my face with water, to remove the face wash product, I'm still left with panda eyes. I tried many ways of using this products e.g adding more, keeping the pad longer on my eye, but nothing seem to work. This may be because it's not oil based. So you will need to spend more time on your eyes. I don't really mind that, as I like removing my make-up and I'm not really bothered about how much tome I spend on removing it.

Overall the smell is really nice, and is super gentle for the eye. Most of the things that work for others, just don't work for me. It's also contact lenses friendly (I do wear contact lenses). This also have the same pH as your tears so that is very good for your eyes. I worth trying it if you have very sensitive eyes, it may work for you. The L'Oreal eye make-up remover is really good, my Mum and I love it, but is not as gentle as the Vichy one. Have any of you tried it?

MAC naughty saute lipstick


I been really impressed with new MAC collection, Shop MAC. I been really drawn to Temptalia swatches. I wanted all the lipsticks, but I'm not going to be so crazy about them. I picked up two colours. Naughty Saute and Watch Me Shimmer. I might also get Innocence, Beware. Naughty Saute is  a cremesheen finish. I really like Cremesheen finishes, as they are very creamy and not drying on my lips. I think that pink lipsticks look a lot nicer on my lips than nudes. This will be my favourite spring colour. Naughty Saute is an blue-tone pink, it does look a bit like Barbie pink (who doesn't like barbie pinks?!) . MAC lipsticks have very nice vanilla scent, I always like when lipsticks smell nice. Apparently Maybelline has a very good dupe for this lipstick, you can have a look here.

I will over load you with few more MAC lipsticks reviews, hope you won't mind that. Let me know if you also would like to see the swatch on my hand. I finally got myself to shoot all the swatches on my lips, just to have ready photos for post.
URBAN DECAY brow box

I never used to take much care of my brows, I only get them waxed. When I don't have time to pop into a beauty salon to get them waxed, I will pluck them myself. My eyebrows are very light, so it's difficult to notice if I don't pluck/wax them. Normally I try to fill them in everyday, but this is something I like to skip.

I own three eyebrow kits, the HD pallet from GlossyBox, Gosh brow kit and the Urban Decay Brow Box. I got this pallet with a discount from buyapowa.com. I like to use powder shadows, to fill in my eyebrows. Most of eyebrow pencils are too red/orange tone for me. If you apply too much the effect would be very unnatural. Urban Decay Brow Box comes in 2 shades, honey pot and brown sugar. Honey Pot is a lot lighter great for blonde/brunettes. When filling in my brows I use the colour on the left as it's a bit darker, I first dip my brush in wax and then I apply the powder shadow. You can also mix two colours, to get more natural colour. Pigmentation of the brow shadows are really good, you can also use it, as an eyeshadow.  The brush which comes with it, is very useful when you travelling, so is the mini tweezers. I just find them a bit difficult to use, as you need to press them really hard, as well as they are a bit too small. The wax formula is very good, as it not as sticky as most wax can be.

It's not the cheapest eye brow kit, but I think this is totally worth the price. The quality is very good, as well as the packaging is very nice. I love Urban Decay products, they never let me down. I would recommend you to check out buyapowa.com as this often is on the offer. This won't let you down, I promise you.