Sunday, 19 February 2012

sunday update #6

001 This week was very fun! On Friday I went to London Fashion Week to shoot some street style photos, and the outcome are fantastic. I was planning to go yesterday, but the rain had putted me off. Today I was a bit busy, but I was also planning to go. I'm going to go tomorrow.

002 I went shopping last night and got some cheeky bits & bobs! I'm so bad! I got my pay so I spend way to much money on things I don't really need, but I just want. I finally bought Nars Laguna and so far it's amazing, and I also picked up Naked 2 pallet.

003 I went to Ikea today and I finally picked up dressing table, so I can do my make up on the table, not on the floor. I love it, will post the images of my room soon. All I need now is a clear chair!



  1. I really want to try nars laguna! Everyone raves about it! & I also need to buy a dressing table! Atleast you bought nice things and didnt waste your money! Haha X

    1. In some way yeah, but I need to invest in new clothes and save up for new car. x

  2. Looking forward to see your purchases' photos ! xx

  3. Following your lovely blog! :D Woulda replied on twitter, but I've ran out of tweets for the day :P


  4. Thats exactly what i do with my pay; spend on things i don't need! desperate for the naked 2 palette, trying to save up for it! :) xo

  5. Thanks for sending me through your link on twitter tonight! Look forward to your future posts and yay for going to LFW! Hope you'll be posting about it xx

  6. You look so beautiful! Ahh I want the first naked palette as it's warmer colours? Would probs suit me more! LUCKY I've always wanted a dressing table!


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