Sunday, 5 February 2012

sunday update 4

001 I'm really excited about the snow in London, I always loved snow. Wish we had it over Christmas. I love winter the most, as you can layer clothes and choose right temperature for yourself, whereas in summer you can't. Hopefully someone would understand this. 

002 Yesterday I went shopping with my mum, I was looking for new pair of shoes. I went to Foot Locker and they had amazing converse with studs! My mum also really liked them too, so she made me buy two pairs, black ones and white one. I also got a comfy jumper, but I picked up the wrong size and it's way to big for me, so my brother end up taking it.

003 I finally got myself car insurance and I love driving! I could be in the car for the whole day. I'm also planning to invest in Clarsonic Mia, it's on buyapowa and you can save up fair amount of cash.



  1. ditto about winter, much prefer it to summer clothes wise, although looking forward to rocking pastels and lace this S/S xxx

  2. ja zimy nie lubie :D

    a co do conversow to koniecznie musisz wstawic zdjecia, ja uwielbiam je nosic!

    1. Na pewno wstawię wkrótce zdjęcia. Conversy to najwygodniejsze buty. x

    2. w takim razie nie moge sie juz doczekac:)


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