REVIEW: benefit watt's up highlighter


Benefit Watt's up Highlighter is one of the best highlighters I tried so far. I do still love my MAC Lightscape highlighter. This gives the face such a nice warm glow, in any lighting. The colour is very nice, as many bloggers describe this as "champagne" colour, I must agree. This highlighter is great to use during the day, as it's not very heavy looking and it's shimmery, but there is no glitter. The packaging is really nice.

The sponge on the other side is a bit useless, as I feel like it's smudges of my foundation and the highlighter. Fingers are so much better, I personally don't like to apply it with an brush. It's very blendable, as the formula is creamy. I also have notice that quite a lot of people compare this to Nars Multiple sticks and apparently this is a lot better. I can't really compare these, as I don't own any Nars Multiple sticks. Maybe one day. Really worth giving this a try, you will love it.

Only thing that put me off is the price tag! I got mine via buyapowa with a discount. It's sometimes still pop on the site, so you have to look on it regularly.  Have you got any highlighters to recommend for me?

my everyday make-up routine


This are my favourite post, so I finally decided to do my own everyday make-up routine. I love finding out what people use in their everyday make-up routine. I haven't included any blushers as I just started to experiment with them and I don't really wear them every day. I also didn't include highlighters and brow fillers as I don't use them everyday.

ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR FOUNDATION: I have it for over a month now and I must say that I love it! The first medium coverage foundation, which covers my red cheeks. That's why I never used to use blushers (If I do, I tend to go for brownish tone ones, than pink tones). I normally mix this foundation with Revlon PhotoReady foundation, for slightly lighter coverage. My shade is 1N1 ECRU.
CLINIQUE REDNESS SOLUTION POWDER: I use it everyday and this products seems never ending, I have it for over a 6 months. It's yellow powder, which on skin becomes clear. It's very lightweight powder. 
NARS "LAGUNA" BRONZE: This bronzer is perfect for pale skin. First when I saw it in store I got scared! It looked so dark in the pan, but when swatching it, it wasn't bad.
URBAN DECAY NAKED2 PALLET: This is my new bad boy! I have Naked1 pallet and I also love it, but I tend to use this one everyday. I think that Naked pallets are great investment, as you won't need any more eyeshadows. I also own two MAC eyeshadows and that is it, I don't feel like I need more.I also love using the brush which came with it.
NO 7 EYELASH CURLER: I had never uses eyelash curlers before, as I didn't seem to need them. I recently had picked up the No 7 one and I like it so far. My eyelashes are naturally quite curly. 
MAX FAXTOR FALSE LASH EFFECT MASCARA: I normally go for different mascaras, when I run out from my old one. This time I decided to give a go to Max Factor mascara, and I must say that I love it. I might stay with it for longer! The brush is amazing. 
L'OREAL CARBON GLOSS EYELINER: Favourite liquid eyeliner of all time, it's very black! I also like the brush.

I do change my routine quite often, sometimes I just go for lighter foundation, when I don't need so much coverage, I like to use Chanel Aqualumiere  or Revlon PhotoReady foundation.

sunday update #7

001 Back to college and I been enjoying it. From photography we had received our exam paper. I'm really excited about that, can't wait to take photos for my finial unit. I need to buy new sketchbook and start to do my artist research.

002 I'm planning to do an spending ban! As on the 23rd of April I will turn 18. I want to throw a party in a pub/club! Just not sure how much money I will be able to spend on it. As my car insurance is £240 monthly and rest of my earning is for my spending. I finally need to make a plan, how much I want to spend on clothes&make-up and how much I want to save. Money issues!

003 I been watching The Lying Game and I love it, can't wait for new episode. I also watch 90210, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Jersey Shore and many more. Yesterday I had been watching Chelsea Settles and I really like it. Do you have any other shows to recommend to me?

REVIEW: mac fix plus spray

While I had been applying powder on top of my foundation I felt like the finish got really powdery (I'm into dewy finish at the moment), as I could see the powder on my little face hair (if that's make sense). So I decided to have a look at finishing sprays. I had read few reviews about Mac Fix+ and there are lot of mix reviews about it, but I still gave it a go. 

Mac Fix+ Spray is an refreshing spray, it won't smudge your foundation, but when you are spraying to close to your face it can leave marks. Once you spray it on your face it's takes around 30 seconds to dry. I normally apply 2-3 pumps in the morning, and during the day I also like to re-apply it, just to refreshes my make-up. I thing this will be a lot better during the summer. Some people don't like the smell, as they find it very overpowering, but I must say that I love it! I find the scent very fresh, I just can't describe it. The MUA told me that there is a new version of this, which contains Minerals and does a lot of good to the face. When I hear a talk like this I'm always like "No thank you, maybe next time". I just like to read reviews before I buy most of my products.

It's work very nicely, when you wet your brush and apply your eyeshadow, to get your eyeshadow more pigmented. Some people had recommend to use it on your hair, I still haven't tried that. The bottle looks really nice. I was planning to buy the smaller version 30ml, just to try it out, but I don't think it worth the £7, whereas the 100ml bottle is £12.50. The 100ml bottle will last you for ages. Overall I love this products and I will re-purchase this, when I run out.

REVIEW: chanel 531 peridot nail polish


Firstly I just wanted to apologise for the state of my nails, I'm aware they are splitting and the shape of them isn't amazing. As well as my fingers look like sausages. I finally need to buy nails colour wheel, to swatch nail polishes for you.

This is the most expensive nail polish in my collection. I still bought it with discount, I paid £13 instead of £17.50. My first (last?) Chanel nail polish and I must say it's pretty good, but I think that cheaper nail polishes can also be very good. This may be one of most popular nail polish from Chanel. What I mostly like about is that in different light the colour changes, from gold, blue to green (but I just don't like the colour on my nails). I love the bottle!

You can wear one coat of it, but I normally always apply two coats. I didn't apply top coat. This nail polish can last for around 2-3 days without chipping. If you really want it, but don't want to spend so much money, you can always get a dupe. Have a look at Fleur's dupe post.

Overall the nail polish is good, but it's not worth spending so much money! There is just too much hype around it. I might sell mine soon as I don't really like the colour on my nails. If anyone is interested in buying it let me know. 

London Fashion Week A/W 2012 part 2

London Fashion Week place of inspiration! Wish we had something like this more often. Tomorrow is the last day, I'm probably going to go, to take last snaps. Did any of you go to any of the shows or had been around?
London Fashion Week A/W 2012 part 1

I went to London Fashion Week today and had snapped lots of photos. I been there for around 1,5hours until my camera battery had died. So many people had been wearing amazing outfits! I snapped over 250 photos, I will be there again, on Wednesday, Thursday and probably Friday. Wish I been invited to any of the shows, that would be amazing! Maybe next year I be more lucky. I will soon post part2&3. In this post I had focus on the shoes and part of clothing.

sunday update #6

001 This week was very fun! On Friday I went to London Fashion Week to shoot some street style photos, and the outcome are fantastic. I was planning to go yesterday, but the rain had putted me off. Today I was a bit busy, but I was also planning to go. I'm going to go tomorrow.

002 I went shopping last night and got some cheeky bits & bobs! I'm so bad! I got my pay so I spend way to much money on things I don't really need, but I just want. I finally bought Nars Laguna and so far it's amazing, and I also picked up Naked 2 pallet.

003 I went to Ikea today and I finally picked up dressing table, so I can do my make up on the table, not on the floor. I love it, will post the images of my room soon. All I need now is a clear chair!

REVIEW: YSL Rouge Volupté Fetish Pink #8

YSL Rouge Volupte Fetish Pink #8 is very bright pink shade with no shimmer but a very creamy feel and look. The  formula is very creamy and has very strong pigmentation. The smell is nice and it doesn't taste at all (I hate when some lipstick has a flavour). The packaging is very elegant and I think it's makes me want the lipstick even more! It's quite heavy, but gorgeous!

On my lips it's looks more darker, than brighter (might be because my natural lip colour is a bit dark). I think the lipstick looks much more better on cooler tones as it's a blue-based pink. It may not look good on your lips if they are dry or when you put way too much on. It's a bit of Barbie pink, it's very wearable during the day. I'm obsessed with pink shades, I'm not a fan of nude lipsticks as I think they wash me out. 

Overall YSL lipsticks are amazing! The formula is great as well as the packaging is something that I really love. I'm very happy that I decided to invest in YSL lipstick, so far I own two, I can't say any bad word about them. Next on my wishlist is the YSL Careless Pink. Have you tried any YSL lipsticks before?

NEW IN: mac msf blonde&redhead, chanel nail polish

I never planned buying this nail polish, but I really liked the colour on other people. I got this with discount from, such a great website to pick up popular products with discount. This is my first nail polish from Chanel and I must say it's really good! The lasting isn't that great. The pigmentation is also really good, 1 coat is great, but I'm just used to put on 2 coats.

Seen way to many reviews on this, so I needed to have both! They got sold out pretty fast, even on Debenhams website, but then they got back in stock. I'm in love with Redhead! Such a gorgeous colour, I never tried Blonde so far, so I can't say much about it just yet. Both are very shimmery, but I love that!  When I get chance to use them a bit more I will do full review on both. 

I also recently had picked up Prada Candy perfume, which smell amazing. I had order 3 Sigma brushes, which I can't wait to receive, as you all may already know I'm in love with Sigma brushes. I'm finally buying stuff from my wishlist, so they aren't random buys.

REVIEW: MUA Love Hearts Collection

As some of you may already heard the MakeUp Academy host and event last Wednesday. I had been invited to it, but unfortunately I was stuck at work. I was really lucky and I had some of the products sent, to try them out. This event was about MUA collaboration with Love Hearts. You will be able to buy the collection  at Superdrug from mid February, you can also buy the products now at Mua online store

I received two lip balms to try out, Great Lips and Kiss Me. Great Lips is a nude colour, but once you swatch it on your lips it's very sheer, almost clear! I like this, as I mostly go for clear lip balms. It's also really good if you want to moisturise your lips before applying lipstick. I was really excited seeing Kiss Me, as it looks so bright! It's has very nice hint of red on your lips once you apply it. I always had been afraid of red on my lips, but this will help me get used to red lipstick. They smell of Vanilla, really nice scent as I hate when the scent is really over powering. All of the Lip Balms are £2 each! That's such a great price. I will pick up more colours as soon as they will launch at Superdrug.

The MUA Love Hearts collection has six shades of bright and pastel colours. Such a great pigmentation, I'm loving the pastel purple in "U ROK" very nice colour for the upcoming season. The nailpolish range is only £2 each! The MUA Glitter Quake Polishes look fabulous! I'm loving the blue "Quake Blue" such a gorgeous crackle colour! The MUA Glitter Quake Polishes are only £2.99. 

I'm loving the pigmentation of these lip glosses! The bright pink "Shocking Pink" such a gorgeous colour on the lips! The nude "Buff" lip gloss is amazing for everyday! I'm planning to get the whole collection, there are eight colours. I'm also loving the formula as it's not sticky! You can buy them for £2 each. 

These Contour Liners are amazing! Very soft and blendable, it's has great angled edge. You can create really nice looks with them, I'm loving "Gunmetal" such a gorgeous shimmery colour. They are £1.50 each, such a great price.

Over all the products are really good! The MUA has very nice range of products as well as colours. The prices are amazing if you on a budget. I can't wait to try out more things form MUA, I'm planning to pick up some eyeshadows pallets, as well get the other shades of the lip glosses which I had mention about.

*The products had been sent, but that doesn't have any effect on my opinion! I'm 100% honest!
sunday update 5

001 This week I went to TOWIB event! It was good, but I wish it didn't have such a "strict" atmosphere, I felt like it was an conference. Overall it was very good and I picked up lots of good tips, which I'm planning to use, to make my blog look much more better. Can't wait for next Towib event! The Aussie guy had very cute accent, but the speech was boring. I met many amazing bloggers! Wish I took more photos, to share with you guys.

002 This week I'm going to the check out the Bourjois Boutique, as it's sounds really good! I love Bourjois make-up, the eye shadows are amazing. The foundation is also amazing, but it's breaks me out! 

003 Today I went shopping and got myself another pair of shoes, this time I had picked up dark beige boots from River Island and Prada Candy perfume, it smells amazing!  I need to cut down on shopping! Any tips on saving money?
things i want 2

1 2 3 4 5

001  I'm building my Sigma brushes collection, I already own six Sigma brushes and they are amazing! I wanted Large Angle Contour F40 brush for quite a while, as I think it will be amazing for applying bronzer or blusher, since I became obsessed with using them. The Precision Tapered P86 hopefully will be amazing for concealer, and around the nose area. 

002 Orgins Spot Remover, I had wanted this for ages and hopefully I will buy it by the end of this month! I heard way to many goods about it. 

003 I had been looking for a good Night face cream, I think that Biotherm one might be pretty good, I really want to try it out, you all may already know that I love trying out Skincare products.

004 The Mac Naturally Collection is looking amazing! I want everything seen so many blog reviews! I want Blonde and Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish blushers/highlighters! You can still buy them at Debenhams, as on the Mac site they already had been sold out! 

005 Mac Mineralize Skinfinish powder is something that I also wanted for a while and hopefully I will finally buy it. I need to get colour match for this one, as I'm not sure about the colour which will suit me.

NEW IN: Converses black&white.

In last post I mention about the new converses that I picked up on Saturday, I had few people ask me to show them. So here they are, I had been wearing the black one last night and I got bites at the back of my feet, now I'm going to give them a break and wait till my feet will heal. I think I like the white ones more, as you can notice the studs more! Such a great detail! I didn't see these online, I think you might need to go to the store to check them out. 

This Saturday there is bloggers event, any one can come to it, but you need to buy tickets for they are £5. Is any of you going to TOWIB (The Only Way is Blogging).  Will be nice to meet everyone, and have lots of fun.