Thursday, 26 January 2012

REVIEW: YSL Rouge Volupté Sensual Silk #2

Sensual Silk is very pale/cool pink beige shade and is very sheer but you build up the colour. The formula is very creamy. The finish is somewhere between a satin and a gloss  wearable and flattering for any age and perfect for those with dry lips as is really smooth and moisturising on lips. I have really pale skin (NW/NC15) and I think that this colour is washing me out when I wear thicker coat. That why I like to wear light/ almost sheer coat on my lips, it's makes my lips look really natural and just lightly tinted. If you apply thick coat the lipstick can settle into lines and dry bits on your lips.

The packaging looks amazing, really nicely detail and it's quite heavy. I'm planning to get myself another colour but this time I will go for more pink tone and I will test it on my lips. The colour is totally different on the lips than on your hand when you are testing it out. So be careful. This lipstick is totally worth the price. 

From make-up wise I love buying new lipsticks and foundations. I just love to try out new brands. I picked up my lipstick in boots. You can also find them here


  1. świetny kolorek może sama się skuszę

  2. This lipstick looks so nice ! xx

  3. I love the packaging and it looks so nice on :)

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  4. the packaging is really pretty. So detailed! x

  5. Really? Where? Can you show me the link? I swear I didn't see them xD

  6. Forget it xD instead of shoes I read shoot! xD

  7. great lipstick, the colour is so chic :) lovely blog!
    would you maybe like to follow each other?
    melina from melina-lajolie

  8. rouge looks amauzing :)

  9. Love the colour of this lipstick, price but if it stays it's worth it!

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    Louise x

  10. amazing color!:)
    thank you so much for a nice comment


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