Wednesday, 11 January 2012


clockwise: mac viva glam gaga #1 // thebodyshop #54 // maybelline rose pearl #822 // topshop brighton rock // topshop nevada

Mac Viva Glam Gaga #1: This is my first Mac lipstick. I love the colour because it's suits my skin tone really well. It's more of an Barbie pink colours, as well as it's an Lustre finish, which is very smooth and not drying on my lips.
TheBodyShop #54: The Body Shop lipstick match my natural lip colour (it's does look dark in the photo but it isn't). I'm loving the amount of colour I get from this lipstick. This lipstick has a little dry formula which I'm annoyed about, but overall it's pretty good. The smell of Body Shop lipstick isn't the best.
Maybelline Rose Pearl #822: This lipsticks turns to be clear on my lips (it's just make my lips a little bit smooth), leaving glittery bits. It's feels really smooth on my lips and you can wear it during the day if you want smooth lips, with glittery particles. It's always in my bag.
Topshop Brighton Rock: Very bold coral/pink! Sometimes I love to play around with colour on my lips, as long as the eyes aren't overdone. Topshop lipsticks are amazing, I love them. The colour pigmentation is really good and it's last for around 2-3hours.  
Topshop Nevada: This is the best nude lipstick I ever owned, works so well with my fair completions. It's really damaged, already I managed to use half of it, this hardly happens. Great for everyday use, the pigmentation is good. I also have Gosh Darling and Mac Gaga #2 but they just don't work with me so well, the tones aren't flattering on my lips. 


  1. I've just stumbled across your blog through your lovely comment to me, thankyou! I really like your blog though, looking forward to seeing future posts.

  2. Your blog is so fun! We're happy to have found it!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  3. Odp: No właśnie taki mam plan, bo nie chcę go wyrzucać, a oddać to chyba u nas nie można.

  4. love those shades :)
    Love Lois xxx

  5. Thank you! Oh I love all of these shades, but especially the one from Topshop <3

  6. The colour and name of Brighton Rock are gorgeous! x

  7. I really want to try the Topshop ones ! xx

  8. How are topshops lipsticks??
    I followed ;)


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