Friday, 20 January 2012

things i want 1

Estee Lauder Double Wear: I wanted this foundation for a while and I think I will finally buy it. I need to get matched by MUA as I'm unsure which shade would match me (I'm normally the lightest shade in every foundation). I read so many great reviews about this foundation and I need to try it out. I currently running out of my favourite Revlon Photoready foundation and I want to try something new.

Paul Smith Sunshine Perfume: This is my favourite perfume, I got it last year and I still love it. It's Limited Edition so it's quite hard to get, the smell is so nice.

Nars Laguna Bronzer: I'm obsessed with bronzers right now, so many people use the Nars Laguna bronzer and I also want to try it out. Why do I want everything that my favourite bloggers recommend? Hopefully I will put my hands on it very soon.

Clarsonic Mia: Heard mixed reviews about this, but I still want to try it out. As I love taking care of my face. Skin care is very import and to me, as you need to have a good base to work with, when applying make-up. I'm just not sure what colour I want it in, blue or pink. I think it would be worth to invest in Mia.



  1. wish i had the money for a clarsonic! would be right on that as well! great read!.xx

    1. So do I, such a great thing but it cost so much. xx

  2. I want it all :)

    i am doing a giveaway on my blog

  3. I tried a sample of that foundation once it's sooo incredibly good! But has a big price tag..I've never tried NARS before though.
      Madison's Assortment

    1. I never had chance to try it out, but I really want it. I don't own anything from Nars yet but I can't wait to get this bronzer. xx

  4. Am I the only one to think that the Clarisonic looks scary to use ?! xx


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