SHOPPING: mac, estee lauder, chanel, nip+fab

I been shopping way to much recently and I been mostly picking up beauty products. As I seem not to like anything inside shops, not sure why. I fell in love with this site called, I love most things, I got my Nip+Fab lotions, I saved quite a fair amount of money on them, but I must say that I hate the smell of it. Over all it's pretty good product, I think for now.

As you may know I'm obsessed with Mac products. I finally started to build my eye-shadow and I got two shades for now, All that Glitters&Shale I'm really happy with them. For the beginning I picked up the 4x colours compact. I also got my first Mac nail polish, I think the price of Mac polishes is reasonable. The colour that I got is called Endless Night, such a great colour for everyday. On my trip to Westfield I went to House of Fraser and  saw the Estee Lauder counter, so I went and got colour match with the Double Wear foundation. My shade is 1N1 ECRU. The lightest shade, and it's perfect match for me. I really liked the lady who matched me, she was so kind, she also had added a bit of blusher which I liked so I also bought it.The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre #82 was on my wishlist for so long! So many bloggers have it so I also needed it, the colour is amazing!

Full reviews would soon come, when I will use the products for a longer amount of time, so it would be a fair test. I'm aware that I spend way to much money on beauty related products.

BEAUTY BOX: glossybox January 2012

eyeko skinny eyeliner, orly nail lacquer, weleda one step cleanser & toner, fab gentle body wash, murad perfecting primer via GlossyBox

This is second limited edition beauty box form GlossyBox. This month the box theme is Valentines, I really like the idea, but I don't celebrate Valentines. I received my box this morning, when I saw it I couldn't wait to open it and check what's inside. I'm liking the GlossyBox mint, I will save it as I like the way it's looks.

I'm a bit disappointed with this box, as I seen much more better content boxes. Mine is a bit crap. All I like about this box is the Murad Perfecting Primer, I don't normally buy primers myself as I think they are just waste of money, but I do like to try them out. FAB Gentle Body Wash smells quite nice, it's quite useful thing and the size is great for travelling.

 I really hate when Beauty Boxes include nail polishes! I just hate that I can't chose the colour and I have plenty of nail polishes so I don't need more in my collection. I don't really like the colour, I prefer brighter reds. The Weleda One Step Cleanser & Toner had very bad smell, it's really puts me off. Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner is very soft what I like but I'm not really into green colours on my eyes. 

I finally worked out that I will unsubscribe from GlossyBox, I think that one beauty box is enough for me, I can invest the £10 in a better thing which will be more useful for me, I love the Feel Unique Beauty Box so I will stay with it. If I think about it I spend £240+ on beauty boxes per a year that's a lot of money! Overall I like the concept of beauty boxes but I think one is enough, for now.

sunday update 3

001 This week was full of shopping for me, I went to Westfield (Shepherds Bush one),  Oxford Street and my local shops. I was looking for new pair of jeans, but I didn't find a good fitting pair. I finally created my Debenhams Beauty Club card, as I normally shop online  and now I can collect points. I made an cheeky mac order, can't wait to get the stuff. I got myself Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (it's was on my must have list for quite a while) and a blusher (my first blusher). I buy way to much make-up I need more clothes. 

002 I been looking through the clothes I own and my wardrobe is full of t-shirt, need to change that. I do like to wear them around home with pj bottoms (need to get myself some more pj bottoms). I need to invest in different pieces.

003 I had spent today's day on taking pictures, of products which I want to review. With this I  will post more regular. Sometimes I just don't know what to write about. need to create a list if blog posts I want to write. For now I have lots of products to review. I will soon add "about me" page to my blog, so you will be able to find out more about me. 

REVIEW: YSL Rouge Volupté Sensual Silk #2

Sensual Silk is very pale/cool pink beige shade and is very sheer but you build up the colour. The formula is very creamy. The finish is somewhere between a satin and a gloss  wearable and flattering for any age and perfect for those with dry lips as is really smooth and moisturising on lips. I have really pale skin (NW/NC15) and I think that this colour is washing me out when I wear thicker coat. That why I like to wear light/ almost sheer coat on my lips, it's makes my lips look really natural and just lightly tinted. If you apply thick coat the lipstick can settle into lines and dry bits on your lips.

The packaging looks amazing, really nicely detail and it's quite heavy. I'm planning to get myself another colour but this time I will go for more pink tone and I will test it on my lips. The colour is totally different on the lips than on your hand when you are testing it out. So be careful. This lipstick is totally worth the price. 

From make-up wise I love buying new lipsticks and foundations. I just love to try out new brands. I picked up my lipstick in boots. You can also find them here
sunday update 2

01. I haven't anything what I planned this week, I been in bed most of the time. I had a cold, my eyes had been watering and the headache didn't help me. I never felt such a pain before. I'm feeling a lot better now, what I'm really happy about.
02. I need to catch up with college work and applications etc. This means I need to make a to do list, and I will need to be very productive, I can't be lazy.
03. I'm really proud of myslef that I haven't done any online shopping since the begining of New Year, buyapowa dosn't count. I'm really not into shopping now, as I'm thinking of getting a new car, as for now I'm using my mums. Hopefully I will be able to save up.
things i want 1

Estee Lauder Double Wear: I wanted this foundation for a while and I think I will finally buy it. I need to get matched by MUA as I'm unsure which shade would match me (I'm normally the lightest shade in every foundation). I read so many great reviews about this foundation and I need to try it out. I currently running out of my favourite Revlon Photoready foundation and I want to try something new.

Paul Smith Sunshine Perfume: This is my favourite perfume, I got it last year and I still love it. It's Limited Edition so it's quite hard to get, the smell is so nice.

Nars Laguna Bronzer: I'm obsessed with bronzers right now, so many people use the Nars Laguna bronzer and I also want to try it out. Why do I want everything that my favourite bloggers recommend? Hopefully I will put my hands on it very soon.

Clarsonic Mia: Heard mixed reviews about this, but I still want to try it out. As I love taking care of my face. Skin care is very import and to me, as you need to have a good base to work with, when applying make-up. I'm just not sure what colour I want it in, blue or pink. I think it would be worth to invest in Mia.

sunday update 1

01. This week I'm planning to visit the Somerset House, I'm looking forward to see the Dazed exhibition. It's up until 29th of January. It will be very good for my photography course. If everything would go fine, I will go tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

02. Going to be very productive tomorrow as I need to annotate my photography sketchbook, and look around some colleges, which will let me finish off my art a2 level. Then send applications. I also need to pick up the photos, from Jessops. Busy week or busy Monday for me. 

03. We all had Domino's pizza *nomnom*, very naughty. Our friends came over earlier in the day, been a little more busy.

BEAUTY BOX: feelunique january 2012
Lirac Creme Mesolift Anti-Aging Radiance, Dead Sea Magik Salt Brushing, Caudalie Vinotherapie nourishing body lotion, 
Phyto Conditioner,Green People Gentle Cleanser 

As you may already know FeelUnique Beauty box is my favourite.This months box wasn't very exciting for some people, but I still like it has the products that I'm more into (I'm not fan of having make-up items in my boxes, I prefer to pick up make-up pieces by myslef). I can't wait to test out everything. I really like the Lierac cream even though it's anti-ageing, it's smells amazing! It's doesn't make my skin looks really oily what I'm really happy about. I might even buy full size when I will be done with this sample, but first I will test this product a little bit longer. Dead Sea Magik Salt Brushing sounds good. Can't wait to try it out, I already received Dead Sea Magik Salt in Septembers GlossyBox and I still haven't used it. Hopefully I will have good experience with this too.

I'm actually running out of hair conditioners so I'm really looking forward to try out Phyto Conditioner. I'm obsessed with conditioners as I like to take care of my hair. I own so many face cleansers but I will still like to try more, can't wait to test this Green People Gentle Cleanser.  Overall the box has interesting content this months. 


clockwise: mac viva glam gaga #1 // thebodyshop #54 // maybelline rose pearl #822 // topshop brighton rock // topshop nevada

Mac Viva Glam Gaga #1: This is my first Mac lipstick. I love the colour because it's suits my skin tone really well. It's more of an Barbie pink colours, as well as it's an Lustre finish, which is very smooth and not drying on my lips.
TheBodyShop #54: The Body Shop lipstick match my natural lip colour (it's does look dark in the photo but it isn't). I'm loving the amount of colour I get from this lipstick. This lipstick has a little dry formula which I'm annoyed about, but overall it's pretty good. The smell of Body Shop lipstick isn't the best.
Maybelline Rose Pearl #822: This lipsticks turns to be clear on my lips (it's just make my lips a little bit smooth), leaving glittery bits. It's feels really smooth on my lips and you can wear it during the day if you want smooth lips, with glittery particles. It's always in my bag.
Topshop Brighton Rock: Very bold coral/pink! Sometimes I love to play around with colour on my lips, as long as the eyes aren't overdone. Topshop lipsticks are amazing, I love them. The colour pigmentation is really good and it's last for around 2-3hours.  
Topshop Nevada: This is the best nude lipstick I ever owned, works so well with my fair completions. It's really damaged, already I managed to use half of it, this hardly happens. Great for everyday use, the pigmentation is good. I also have Gosh Darling and Mac Gaga #2 but they just don't work with me so well, the tones aren't flattering on my lips. 

Mac Minerlize Skinfinish in Lightscapade, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, Revlon Photoready Foundation, Sephora mineral powder, YSL concealer.

I really love reading about "best of 2011 products", so I decided to write my own version in the same format as Lily. I'm planning to include Top 5: Nail polishes, Lipsticks, Eye products, Body products etc. These are my favourite products. Feel free to share your favourites, I love trying out new things.

Mac Minerlize Skinfinish in Lightscapade: This is my favourite highlighter, I love using it on my cheeks bones. It's makes my skin look really glowy. It's Limited Edition, so is no longer available on the Mac site. Wonder what I'm going to do if I run out. 
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation: I'm a foundationholic, I have quite large collection of foundation and I still want more! This is the best light coverage I ever tried. It's doesn't feel heavy on my face, smells amazing. It is expensive but worth the money. I'm willing to try out more Chanel foundation in future, but for now I want Estee Launder Double Wear, just because I would like more coverage on bad skin days.
Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: Another favourite foundation it's so hard to pick one, when you are a foundationholic. My favourite high street foundation. I think I will never get bored of this foundation. Overall it's really good, it's doesn't break me out like most foundation do. Does contain some glitter particles, but they aren't going to make you look like a disco ball.
Sephora Mineral Powder:  I run out of my Rimmel Matte Powder,  one of my favourite! I think this works as well as the Rimmel powder. The colour is a little bit darker thank my skin tone, but it doesn't make me look orange. It's really soft as most powders, great for setting foundation. It's a really nice powder.
YvesSaintLaurent Concealer: This is such a amazing product! I think it's the best concealer I ever used. It's covers the dark under eye circles. My undereye circles aren't that bad, so I don't need a lot of coverage.  The coverage is buildable. The brush it's very soft.